The 30-Day Adrenal Reset (+ a Limited Time Special Offer!)

Does any of this sound like you? You…

  • Wake up tired even though you got “plenty” of sleep
  • Have little energy thru-out the day
  • Have difficulty losing weight
  • Need 2 days to recover from any exercise at all
  • Have become a chronic late night snacker
  • Crave carbs, often in the form of junk food
  • Have low to no libido
  • Get an energy boost in the evening (after being tired all day!)
  • Wake in the night unable to get back to sleep
  • Look for more stimulants during the day: caffeine, soda, sugar, “energy” drinks
  • Have mysterious body aches that often “move around” and “come and go”
  • Have trouble concentrating
  • Suffer brain fog
  • Have racing thoughts
  • Are moody and irritable
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Have cravings for salty foods
  • Frequently have to get up to pee in the night even if you drank no water before bed
  • Have high: blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol
  • Suffer allergies, arthritis, inflammation, stiff joints
  • Have a hard time getting to sleep, then staying asleep
  • Feel depressed
  • Are seriously fatigued
  • Have low tolerance over simple things
  • Have anxiety issues
  • Find yourself holding your breath, shallow breathing, heart palpitations
  • Sometimes get dizzy when standing
  • Have a hard time enjoying life

Some of these are common symptoms for other health issues, so having only a couple of them does not necessarily mean you have adrenal trouble. However, several of them together — particularly waking tired, being fatigued, unable to control your thoughts, irritability — point directly to adrenals!

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your adrenal glands are on top of your kidneysAt my lowest point, I had all of these symptoms! I had no clue about adrenals. I didn’t know what they were much less where they were (on top of your kidneys).

And no clue what I could do to feel better.

In fact, I still thought if you felt better you must be better.

So on days when I had a little more energy, I thought, “I’m good. That energy thing must be over! Whew.” So I go at life the way I used to… then be practically bed-ridden the next few days while I recovered!!!

This was no life at all. I hated having no energy and almost none of my usual good cheer. But I was just too tired to fully participate!

The really confusing thing was, other than being tired, I felt “fine”. I thought everyone had all the above symptoms every now and then. I also thought a lot of those symptoms were to be expected as we got older. Ha! Not true at all!

I also didn’t know that, when it comes to your health, how you FEEL can have little or nothing to do with how you ARE.

Now, you can feel well and be well, absolutely!

The thing is, you always feel “fine” while your body is developing an illness. That’s how getting sick works. I mean, we all know people who look great and feel pretty good, then are diagnosed with something, right? Diabetes, advanced adrenal fatigue, cancer, leaky gut, Parkinson’s, dementia, for example. Feel good, then BAM, not good.


You don’t just “get” a disease. Disease develops over time during which we usually feel pretty good. I know that still sounds bad, BUT because a disease is developing and is not yet established, we can find and fix it at the root! Right now. BAM!

You are probably reading this because you don’t feel great anymore, right? So let’s get to answering the questions:

What’s going on? Why don’t I feel great anymore?

Step 1: Listen to your body.

Most of us *including me* have had to re-learn to listen to our bodies in order to get well. Our bodies speak to us via symptoms and history: how you feel now compared to how you felt back then.

There are two ways to listen specifically to our adrenals. One way is via lab testing. Lab results can explain why we feel the way we do. We start to match symptoms to those results.

Another way is via in-depth questionnaires: we start to match a feeling to a symptom. We can deduce much this way and get you started on a healing protocol.

Since you and I won’t be using pharmaceuticals or surgery, and will slowly titrate up supplements and lifestyle mods, working from a functional medicine perspective is a very safe and efficient way to get well!

Step 2: The 30-Day Adrenal Reset

First we identify the root causes of YOUR adrenal dysregulation. We do this using in-depth questionnaires to help paint the big picture.

Plus, there is an optional, highly recommended lab test that will help us get VERY specific about your situation.

Everyone is different, so what affects others won’t necessarily affect you in the same way. Our initial goal is to establish where you are now so that, at the end of 30-Day Adrenal Reset, you can see how far you’ve come.

To be clear, we aren’t really resetting the actual organs — your adrenals are likely just fine. They don’t get “exhausted” or “fatigued” or “drained.” You don’t “run out” of cortisol or adrenaline. What happens is that the communication lines between your adrenals and your other organs get screwed up.

To repair that communication grid, we reset your hormone pathways. We get the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal communication grid, a.k.a. the HPA axis, up and running as it should.

These three organs work together to produce hormones at the right time in the right amounts. And hormones DRIVE the body! (Yes, that’s a really simplified explanation. We’ll dive into this a little more during the 30 days.)

How to Reset the Communication Grid

Our immediate goal is for you to FEEL better while you actually GET better over the 30 days. Symptom relief = feeling better. I don’t know about you, but I wanted to feel better NOW. We can do that!

Once we’ve established the root causes of your adrenal dysregulation, then we make a few simple lifestyle modifications. I call this the D-DRESS Reset: Detox, Diet, Rest, Exercise, Supplements and Stress management. (More on D-DRESS here.)

You’ll get a complete, detailed, customized protocol, based on D-DRESS, outlining what you need to do to resest your grid and get back to BEING healthy.

Then, over the 30 days, we monitor and adjust. As your energy increases and brain fog disappears, we add or subtract lifestyle mods/supps.

The 30-day goal is to have you well on your way to complete recovery. The long-term goal is to have you recovered and off the “repair” protocol.

Personally, I plan to take some supplements forever because our soil is not what it used to be and there are some nutrients we really must supplement. But I’m no longer taking the supplements I had to take while I was in recovery. That’s our goal for you, too.

*Bear in mind that you won’t be fully recovered in 30 days. Your HPA Axis didn’t get out of sync in 30 days… it’s probably been falling apart V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y over months, if not YEARS. It took me 2 years to recover. I’ve had clients recover in a year, but none more quickly. You can recover completely. It requires only patience and commitment to the healing process!

Your 30 Day Adrenal Reset includes:

  • One 2-hour and three 1-hour recorded consults, one a week. You get a copy of the audio immediately following all consults. The 2-hour consult will be the first one during which we go over your customized protocol.
  • Analysis and compilation of your answers on the detailed questionnaires covering your health history, from childhood all the way up to and including your current challenges
  • Analysis of your lab test results
  • A customized and detailed protocol with everything you need to know to get well
    • This includes every D-DRESS recommendation in detail: what, when, where, how, why.
    • Recommended supplements + where to purchase for best quality and price
  • Unlimited text and email support
  • My fee for 30 calendar days is $300 (lab testing is additional, see below)

SPECIAL Offer (Good till 8/31/17)

While my 30-Day Adrenal Reset does not require a lab test, there is one that will give us very detailed information on your adrenal situation. We can use this info to specifically target certain hormones and bodily systems needing rejuvenation. I highly recommend it, I did this test, it is very revealing!

This is the DUTCH test, you can read more about the DUTCH test here. My provider price is $250 plus a few stamps to send back to lab. It is possible that insurance will cover it.

THE BONUS: If you will run the lab test, I will reduce my fee for the 30 days by 50% (to $150)! This offer is good for Summer 2017 (till 8/31/2017)

Why? Because Precision Analytical, the lab that runs the DUTCH, has added a brand new marker and I need to do several of these tests asap to learn that marker. Thank you!

If you’d like to do the 30-Day Adrenal Reset — with or without the lab test — click here and let’s set up a FREE 30 minute no-obligation consultation.

I look forward to working with you!