DUTCH Test for Hormones, Adrenals (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones)

The DUTCH hormone test provides you with detailed information on how adrenal and sex hormones are being produced AND metabolized in the body.

Your hormones drive the ship, quite literally. They get you out of bed, put you to sleep, regulate your mood, libido, energy — if you had no hormones, you literally wouldn’t know what to do next!

They are involved in every single system in your body, including weight loss, gut health, and emotional well-being.

In addition to measuring daily free cortisol levels (the amount of available cortisol circulating in the body), the DUTCH test tells you about metabolized cortisol (the amount of cortisol the adrenals are producing or clearing), sex hormone levels, whether phase I (hydroxylation) and phase II (methylation) of estrogen metabolism is good or poor, and if DHEA and testosterone are being pushed down the more androgenic pathways.

New Marker The new 8-Hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) marker provides insight into oxidative stress related to cellular damage and injury. 8-OHdG is predominantly formed in the cellular nuclei and mitochondria as a result of exposure to carcinogens. As a result, elevations of 8-OHdG may indicate the breakdown of the lipid bilayers that make up the membranous layer protecting cells and organelles.

Translation: cellular health is EVERYTHING. If your cells aren’t healthy, you won’t be. This marker gives us important information about your cell health!

The DUTCH Complete

This is the first test we do. It includes:

  • Adrenals: daily free cortisol and cortisone pattern, DHEA-S, cortisol and cortisone metabolites
  • Sex Hormone Metabolites: androgens and metabolites — testosterone, DHT, DHEA; progesterone metabolites and estrogens and metabolites
  • Plus Melatonin and the Oxidative Stress Marker)

For follow-up testing, we can do a complete again (recommended) or just the Adrenals or just the Sex Hormone Metabolites. Once you’ve following your protocol for at least 6 months, we can do a follow-up.


Location You do the test in the privacy of your home (which can be anywhere in the world), then mail back to the lab in the envelope provided.

Test Type is Dried Urine: urine is collected onto filter paper strips at 4 specific times throughout the day.

Test Kit I will mail the test kit to you.

Shipping Use the envelope enclosed in the test kit, affix 6 stamps to it, and send it back to the lab by regular mail. (Please ask about international shipping.)

Instruction Sheet included with test kit

Turnaround Time 5-10 business days

Cost DUTCH Complete $250, re-test for Adrenals or Sex Hormones $150 each (my Provider prices)

To order a DUTCH test, see my Adrenal Reset Program