Health Detective Handbook

My Weightloss and Health Detective Handbook contains links and information on literally hundreds of maladies and their healing resources known to us in the 21st Century. (And it’s not even complete!)

I’ve been coaching folks on health and fitness since 1982 when I opened Heavenly Bodies Aerobics at the CoffeeMill Dance Studio in Key West, FL.

As one of the first people trained by world-reknowned fitness expert Molly Fox, my base of information on the body, how it works, how to work it and make it stronger, more capable and efficient, on what it needs… That is SOLID. See my other credentials and training here.

From then on, I’ve been relentlessly reading and seeking out information on health and fitness. When the internet opened up for me in the late 90’s (I’ve always been a geek, used to logon with a C prompt),

When released to the world on 4/16/16, the price will be $21 and includes not only the version, but also the pdf ebook version readable on any device including .mobi devices (Kindle, Nook, etc.)

Celebrating the end of IRS Extortion Day, doncha know 🙂 Honestly, there’s enough fascinating info in this handbook, you’ll forget all about Auntie Iris! 

If you buy today, you’ll also get the pdf version when it is released on 4/16/16.

PLUS you get all updates to be released once a year, both pdf and workflowy!

On 3/16/16, the completed version will be released for $13 which will include the pdf version Today’s price is $4.97



this handbook will be worth at least the cost of a university course exploring your options for all manner of ills and modern-day diseases. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $497 (what I just paid for an online course with a well-known expert) for ONE