Seems like every other day, there’s a new summit coming out. All smiling faces, cheerleader style hype, featuring all the Big Names in Holistic Health and Wellness, ultra-uber-exuberance… On one hand, I’m resistant to the hype. But then I buy one and am totally wowed by the information.

It’s not just good info. It’s the ABUNDANCE of good info. You want to stay on track with your health goals? Get a summit and listen to it while you drive or walk. We are not imagining this: food is medicine, alternative healers are curing people of disease and all kinds of maladies.

It’s really happening right now. Inspiring.

I have to confess: these summits are some of the best money I’ve ever spent.

I am hyper-critical, nothing suits me. I can find the flaw in any system, recipe, building, theatre project… anything. Even if I know nothing about it (there’s my tiny flaw). My mother calls me Criticia Voluptua Right-Right. So, of course, the minute I go off on some one/thing, everyone else in my family calls me that now, too, as in, “Thank you for sharing, Criticia.”

Despite that lovely trait, the health summits I own and recommend have literally changed my life, starting with the first one, the Healing Cancer World Summit 2012. Awesome.

Knowing what causes, what prevents and what cures an illness is priceless information.

Below are the health summits I own and recommend. The links are affiliate links. They don’t cost you a penny and help keep the blog afloat, thank you.

If you don’t mind doing the downloading, the least expensive packages have everything. Depending on your internet speed, downloading can take a few hours to get them all in a folder and organized. I am OCD about this so have to do it myself!

If you don’t want to bother with downloading, get the jump drive package.

I play the sessions on my iPad when I’m driving or cleaning house or walking on my treadmill desk.

These days, you can’t get a cheaper, more value-packed or better education on a health topic.

Plus we are fighting poisons in our water, air, soil and food… who doesn’t know at least one person with cancer, diabetes, autism or an auto-immune disease??? Our grandparents’ circle of friends weren’t as sick as ours are!

Somethings gotta give. We must stop relying on government agencies to tell us what is healthful and what is not. Those agencies are “informing” doctors and doctors are relying on that information! The proof is in the pudding, people! I’ve been saying this for years: “Since we’ve had an FDA and a USDA, we are fatter and sicker than we’ve ever been.”

We need to take responsibility for our health NOW and prevent disease on our own. Education is how we do that, plain and simple.

Clearly, the Western medical industrial complex is NOT interested in preventing disease. It is only interested in “treating” it. Most conventional doctors believe they are doing the right thing and the fact they get rich off of our “everyday” illnesses is a side benefit. They’d be horrified at the idea that they are actually ignoring prevention in favor of treatment. But they are. “They are ignorant tools of the pharmaceutical lobby,” says the heartless Criticia.

Try a summit. The most I’ve paid so far is $149 and, if you buy early in the live sessions, you can pay as little as $47. Even the $149 is less than a visit to a walk-in clinic! Once you’ve listened to one of the summits below, you’ll start jumping on board as soon as you hear of one on a topic that is near and dear to you. Time to stop hatin’ 🙂 Summits are an awesome education on the cheap!

I don’t bother trying to listen during the free play period — I can’t do five hours a day, lol. By this time, I’ve had such a positive experience with summits that, if the topic interests me, I buy it. Most of them have a money back guarantee (which I’ve never used and, trust me, Criticia is not shy about that!)

health summitsHealth summits I own and recommend:

2012 The Healing Cancer World Summit This is the first summit I bought and it gave me so much hope. So many well-known and beloved experts on curing and treating cancer!!! A remarkable cast and series.

2014 Gluten Summit The second summit I watched. Listened 4 times total. Really really good information here. Now that word has gotten out that much of our non-organic non-GMO wheat is sprayed with glyphosate, there’s a question about “is it gluten or is it glyphosate causing my problems?” No definitive answers yet. Since I can’t even eat organic bread without digestive upset, so I’m going with gluten for now. More TBD.

2015 The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest This is the recent series put out by Ty and Charlene Bollinger. I haven’t finished listening to all of it but so far: packs a punch. Cancer is curable and here are people CURING CANCER NOW.

2015 The Depression Session Healing depression without drugs? YES! Both my mom and I have gone through a fairly serious depression. Thankfully, that was before SSRIs and the notion that it’s a chronic disease requiring lifetime medication. I am grateful that good helpful news is getting out on healing depression!

2015 The Thyroid Sessions If you have adrenal trouble, 99% chance you’ve got thyroid trouble. How to find out, how to fix it and how to keep it fixed.

2015 Digestion Sessions The pre-cursor to Heal Your Gut (see below)!

2016 Diabetes Not sure when this first aired but I just bought it (the $97 package) and it is excellent. The host is a functional medicine practitioner and world-famous diabetes expert. One of my best friends was just diagnosed with diabetes. I’m learning everything I can about it!

2016 Heal Your Gut (no longer available) Coming up in January, looks great. If all disease starts in the gut — and as more research is conducted and information discovered, that seems highly likely — we can’t go wrong learning how to heal ours, then keep it healthy!

2016 Fat Summit (no longer available) This is coming up end of January. My ebook (coming out in January, too) is called “The Weight-Loss and Health Detective Handbook” and I’m becoming an expert in what makes fat leave the premises. Looking forward to this summit!

What are summits you have liked? Please share in the comments (affiliate links welcome)! Thank you!