4 ingredient home castor oil packCastor oil packs are used by many, many alternative health practitioners to detox the liver. In fact, hard to find one who won’t recommend!

Along with coffee enemas and beet kvass, a home castor oil pack can provide potent relief from a toxic liver/gallbladder. (Plus they feel GREAT!)

Here’s the simple how-to:

4 Ingredients for a Home Castor Oil Pack

  • Castor Oil — I use this from Amazon
  • Heating pad — every drug store has one, this is what mine looks like. It’s an XL because I wanted the auto-shutoff, plus we use this in the winter at the foot of our bed.
  • Flannel or old cloth diapers if you have them. I use this organic flannel.
  • Something to protect the heating pad from getting castor oil all over it. This goes between the heating pad and the oiled flannel. Most people use plastic (a gallon size ziploc, piece of cut up garbage bag or grocery store bag) or an old cotton washcloth. My friend Sharon actually wraps the heating pad in a small garbage bag… I’m doing that next time!

How to Use a Castor Oil Pack

  • Lay the cloth out on a baking sheet and drizzle the oil over it. Let it soak in, flip over, drizzle more. Repeat this process till the cloth is soaked but not dripping.
  • BODY POSITION: you want to be prone and you want the castor oil itself to be touching your body where the organ is. For a liver cleanse, you can lay on your back and put the castor oil pack high up on your right side just under your bosom OR you can put the castor oil pack on the bed/sofa and lay on your right side on top of the pack. If you are are doing a castor oil pack on your lungs, you can lay on your back and put the castor oil pack up high under your bosom for lower lung or above your bosom for upper lung. OR you can put the castor oil pack on the sofa/bed and lay on top of the pack to get the entire lung area at once. To stimulate your digestive tract, you can lay on your back and place the back on your belly. Or put the pack on the bed/sofa and lay on your belly on top of the pack… Just make sure the heat and castor oil are positioned on the organ!
  • If you are on your back: place oiled cloth on your organ.
  • Place plastic over it so the plastic is between the cloth and the heating pad.
  • Place heating pad over that and hang out for at least 30 minutes. Edgar Cayce says 1 to 1.5 hours is optimal.
  • When done, the oiled flannel can go in a Mason jar till the next use. You’ll add more oil as necessary, usually once a week.
  • I drape the plastic or washcloth over the jar with the “clean” side up to use again.
  • You can rub the oil into your skin or use a little baking soda and soap to remove in the shower
  • I do this at night laying on the sofa watching TV. You can use it in bed and leave on all night. Do it while reading, meditating, listening to podcasts… really any time of day or night.
  • Need to do these 4-5 nights in a row for them to effectively detox your liver.
  • You can put a tight cammi or tee shirt on to hold pack and plastic in place. I’ve even seen people wrap themselves in plastic wrap to keep the pack in place.
  • Definitely want a heating pad that will turn off automatically if using overnight.

Use castor oil packs on joints, too!

4 ingredient home castor oil pack

Why Castor Oil Packs Work for Detox

  • The packs incorporate 2 therapeutic principles: warmth and detoxification. When the pack is applied over an organ, it warms up almost immediately. More blood flow goes to the area which flushes out toxins.
  • The heat is also to help drive the castor oil into your skin.
  • Castor oil also improves bile flow – particularly in the liver and they also improve the flow of lymph.
  • Castor oil applications on the abdomen will also help by slowly and gently dislodging compacted masses.


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