I would have titled this Alternative Medicine: Berkson Cures Pancreatic Cancer, Liver Cancer and All Manner of Liver Disease, but the FDA would put me in jail for making unsubstantiated claims. (I’m hoping they don’t read memes.)

Since Berkson can’t afford to do the zillion-dollar studies required by the FDA to substantiate claims, and since I guess actual cured people don’t count (seriously?), any and all claims made about a couple of frickin’ vitamins curing cancer are labeled  “unsubstantiated.”

Maybe the FDA thinks all Berkson’s cures are coincidental? Or luck? Yeah, that’s probably it. Luck. Something, coincidentally, Dr. Berkson’s patients seem to be blessed with an abundance of.

In fact, Dr. Berkson, former investigator of ALA for the FDA, has cured it all and talks about it all the time (see links below). Wonder why the mainstream media doesn’t pick up the story?

It’s probably just as well he doesn’t make headline news. Then the AMA might run him out of the country like they did Hoxsey, Gerson and Caton. I guess Big Pharma doesn’t like competition.

On one of my zillion forums, a woman asked for information on how to cure pancreatic cancer. One of her relatives was just diagnosed and she wants to talk to him about alternative treatments. I wrote to her (see below) and sent it off.

I thought maybe some of you might know someone with pancreatic or liver (or any other kind of) cancer or Hep C or other liver disease who could use this information.

If you don’t now, just keep living. The sad fact is, we all will. Please share this post, you never know. ♥

Here’s the letter:

Dear Janet,

Do some research on Dr. Burt Berkson. He’s healed pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, Hep C and all manner of liver disease with LDN and ALA. My husband has a bad liver from hemochromatosis. He takes 4.5mg (about a tsp) LDN and 600mg ALA every day. He’s still with me!

Here are a few links to get you started:

✓  VIDEO: Dr Burt Berkson talks about LDN in Pancreatic Cancer and In Autoimmune Disease at the LDN Conference in LA October 2008: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | 33 Min. Total

✓  VIDEO: Dr. Berkson speaking at the NIH in 2009: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | 50 Min. Total (Probably some of the same case studies and information as in 2008.)

✓  VIDEO: Dr Mercola and Berkson talk about ALA in 2009. 6 Min. Total

✓  Berkson’s book on ALA. Available in paperback and Kindle

✓  To learn more about LDN, click here and scroll down to find the LDN section.

✓  This is a link to a blogger who uses Berkson’s ALA and LDN treatment for his Hep C.

✓  This is the transcript of an interview Dr. Berkson gave in 2010 at Prescription2000. There’s a link to listen to the interview, if you like.

✓  There’s also this story of a woman who cured her cancer using ALA, LDN and baking soda. Why not?

Best of luck to you in convincing your relative to take a chance on alternative medicine. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know how it goes.

My husband and I have lost several relatives, both sides, and none would consider any alternative treatments, no matter the evidence. They all went with conventional treatments and they are all dead. Maybe they would have died anyway, but at the time, I wanted to shake them and say, “What do you have to lose?”

Now, I wish I had. What did I have to lose?

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