Let's talk essential oil safety!BEFORE YOU ORDER just any old EOs (essential oils), please read this. Because essential oil safety is a primary concern, I use and recommend only the highest-quality essential oils on the market, Young Living Essential Oils and here’s why.

1. Labeling

Did you know that an EO label can claim “pure essential oil” and only have ONE SINGLE drop of the EO in the bottle, the rest being a carrier oil? Yeah. I found that shocking, too. And infuriating. So that’s why they are so cheap, duh! Fool me once…

Here’s the thing: there are no rules for essential oil safety and labeling. Any oil bottler can say anything about the oil they put in the bottle! They can call them therapeutic grade, all natural, 100% eo, highest quality, etc. They can lie because who’s got the lab to double-check the claims?

Well, Young Living has the labs! They test their oils and you can ask for test results anytime for any oil.

2. Why Essential Oil Quality and Purity Matter

No matter how you use an essential oil — topically, internally or aromatically (inhaling) — within 5 minutes, the oil is in your bloodstream. Within 20 minutes, it’s throughout your body, including your brain! Yes, essential oils cross the blood-brain-barrier (the BBB). They affect your brain, your mood, your organs, your nervous system… everything.

Here’s the kicker for me personally. I plan to live for quite some time — definitely crossing the 100 year mark! Already planning the party and I never miss a party =) However, there are certain, ahem, risks with aging.

Being a baby boomer, I’m well aware of the stats for Alzheimer’s and my risk of developing it. From Alz.org: “The greatest known risk factor for Alzheimer’s is advancing age. For example, while one of nine people age 65 or older has Alzheimer’s, nearly one of three people age 85 or older has the disease.”

Wow. That’s heavy.

When we looked at all the facts objectively, considering our own health and that of our precious family’s health (including the first grandbaby!!!), my husband and I decided we are only using the purest, highest grade essential oils. There is no question that Young Living provides them.

3. Young Living’s “Seed to Seal” guarantee

Here’s how we know Young Living (YL) delivers the purest grade essential oils on the market. YL controls the oil from start to finish, offering their “Seed to Seal” guarantee. They control the seed, the soil, the growing, the harvesting, processing, bottling, labeling, shipping. And get this:

  • YL owns 11 farms around the world (you can visit any of them anytime).
  • On the farms they don’t own, YL controls the entire process.
  • No other EO company does this; every other EO company buys its oils from third party suppliers.
  • YL is the first EO company to offer FDA-approved products.
  • There are other good oils out there, just none as good as YL. My thinking is: why take a chance on an oil with unknown origins that might not get the job done as safely and effectively? With Young Living essential oils, I know what I’m getting.
  • Besides, when you break it down, Young Living essential oils are very cost-efficient, costing literally pennies per drop. And, most often, a drop or two does the job!

This video explains the entire Seed to Seal process beautifully:

All I know is that I appreciate Young Living’s commitment to purity and the fact that it controls everything about the essential oil that’s crossing my BBB. It’s the only brain I’ll ever have.

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