Please Note: This FAQ document was created by a number of Natural Health Practitioners alongside Marc Saint-Onge, Black Oxygen Organics CEO and Product Formulator. This document is not intended, nor should it be construed as claims that our products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, prevent any disease or medical condition.

General FAQ’s

What are the main benefits of Fulvic / Humic Minerals?

There are 5 main benefits:

Anti inflammatory – Fulvic contains potent anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce inflammation in the body. These properties help to fight free radicals and keep the body free of harmful chemicals. Free radicals can gain access to our bodies through processed foods and environmental pollutants / toxins. Taking Fulvic Acid boosts the body’s supply of antioxidants and stimulates our natural endorphins, which lowers the pain response in the nervous system, helping to improve nerve pain, muscle pain, arthritis, headaches and other conditions relating to the inflammatory response.

Cell regeneration – Fulvic Acid stimulates the mitochondria and penetrates the cells, increasing cellular energy. The high Humic content offers connective tissue support for strengthening the body as a whole at a cellular level. Often reported improvements include the elimination of acne, reversal of the signs of ageing, wrinkles, rosacea and other skin issues.

Hormone balancer – Black Oxygen Organics Fulvic / Humic acid has a pH of 9, meaning it is alkaline. Fulvic restores optimal pH levels in the body, helping to regulate hormone production and boosting immunity. People often report improvement in their menstrual cycle, hot flashes, mood swings and brain fog.

Chelator – We live in a toxic world where we have to on a continual basis help our bodies detoxify from pesticides, fluoride, pollution, heavy metals and preservatives. Fulvic Acid helps to chelate (pulls and binds) toxins, which enables the body to remove heavy metals, parasites, and toxicity from the body naturally.

Adaptogen – Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that have been used for centuries to help the body combat stressors – whether they be physical, chemical or biological. Fulvic Acid helps to strengthen and increase our immune system and create more white blood cells.

What is the best way to use fulvic? Drink, Bath or Footbath and why? What are the benefits of all 3?

First and foremost, Fulvic Acid is recommended as a nutritional supplement to be used for the support of underlying issues, cellulite, skin problems and circulatory support. ALWAYS begin low and slow with your dosage.

For those with no underlying health conditions, you may begin at half the dosage of fulvic acid recommended on the bag once a day. If you notice no detox symptoms such as mild headache, slight bloating which could be caused by candida die-off, slight nausea or otherwise, you may increase your dosage to twice a day, working up to the full dosage or where you feel comfortable.

If you have an autoimmune condition, are pregnant or nursing or have an inflammatory condition, begin with 1⁄2 tsp of Fulvic powder in a foot bath for a full week before ingesting to allow the body the opportunity to begin the detoxification and remineralization process. After one week on foot baths you may begin taking internally at 1/8th tsp a day. Slowly increase your dose as detox symptoms subside until you’ve worked your way up to your ideal dosage.

What different ways can you use the Powder?

Here are a few ways the powder can be utilized:

Drink – We recommend starting out slow with the powder, as it is very powerful. If you have an inflammatory condition, are pregnant or nursing or have an autoimmune condition, consider starting out with 1⁄2 teaspoon in a footbath for a week before using internally. The second week you can take 1/8 teaspoon internally and lower the dose even further to a sprinkle if you have any detox reactions while drinking a glass of water every hour to help the body shuttle out the toxins. Doing it this way will ensure you’ll not have issues with toxins trying to move quicker that the body can handle and causing a detox reaction because you’re going at your body’s pace which is different for everyone based on their toxic load. For everyone else, we recommend starting out at 1/8 to 1/4 of a teaspoon once or twice a day and work up to the full dose on the packet.

Foot Bath – We recommend using 1⁄2 to 1 teaspoon of fulvic in a footbath. You can also add your fulvic to an ionic bath for a deeper detox.

Detox Bath – The pack states 25g for a detox bath. Depending on your bath size, you may want to use between 15-25g.

Face Mask – We recommend using 1⁄2 teaspoon of fulvic, 1⁄2 teaspoon of baking soda and a tsp. of water. You can also add essential oils or aloe to the mix. Speak to your Brand Partner to gain access to our Face Mask recipes.

Shampoo – Add 1⁄4 tsp. into your shampoo. We have had reports of fuller, thicker hair using this approach. Do not do this if you color your hair with non-organic hair dye as it can strip hair color due to the heavy metal content in hair dyes.

Toothpaste – You can sprinkle a pinch onto your toothbrush, or dip toothbrush into the bag, OR you can make up your own paste with fulvic, bicarbonate of soda and even add a drop of essential oils such as geranium, or red thyme and add water to mix into a paste. (Use same amount of fulvic to bicarbonate of soda for example 1⁄4 teaspoon fulvic powder, 1⁄4 teaspoon of fulvic) This can also be used on teeth, the tongue and gums to change the PH of the mouth and improve the condition of your oral microbiome.

Mouthwash – You can mix some fulvic powder with water and use as a mouthwash, use a pinch with some essential oils or even add to coconut oil for Fulvic oil pulling.

Poultice / Paste – These are used to treat a specific area of the body. Make a paste, apply onto the area and wrap in cling film / saran wrap. We recommend using the same amount of fulvic as baking soda and add water until it makes a paste. You can even add essential oils (if you understand the therapeutic treatments for different oils) Leave on area for 20 minutes and rinse off.

Do I still need to take multi vitamins when using this product?

No. Taking Fulvic replaces the need for general multi vitamins. It also increases the body’s ability to absorb and utilize the nutrients and minerals from the food eat and specific supplements you continue to take.

If you are under the care of a Healthcare Practitioner who has recommended higher doses of specific supplements based on test results, the Fulvic will help you absorb those minerals more effectively. If you are under a Health Practitioner’s care, you might re-test every 2-3 months to see if need to lower doses as the body returns to homeostasis.

What is the citric acid in the “other” ingredients in the tablets sourced from?

It is an organic acid derived from citric fruit that helps stabilize the flavor.

Do I need to take a binder?

No, fulvic acts as a binder.

Do I still need to take anti-fungal or anti-microbial supplements?

No. Fulvic is one of the most powerful anti-fungal & anti-microbial substances known.

Is it possible to get a herx reaction when taking this?

We recommend that you start slow and listen to your body. Just a pinch to introduce if you have an underlying health condition. If you get any kind of detox reaction, lower the dose or skip a day while increasing hydration. If your body is extremely toxic or you are nervous, go very slow.

I have MTHFR and my detoxification pathways have always been an issue – will toxins get blocked, or is it safe to use this product?

Fulvic will help to expel toxins while increasing circulation, reducing inflammation and binding positive ions. It facilitates the unblocking and flushing out of toxicity. It is possible that because the Black Oxygen breaks down biofilms in the body and binds to the infections released that you may experience symptoms with a body that is poor at detoxifying. This is why we recommend you go slow with the dosing.

Can babies and children use the product, if so what dose?

Yes babies and children can use it. Any child under 8, we recommend using half the dosage of adults. If you are starting slow, start with 1/16 – 1/8 of a teaspoon.

Can I mix the powder with anything other than water?

Many just mix the powder in water but the powder can also be mixed in smoothies, yogurts, juices, flavored drink packs, etc., hot or cold.

Can pregnant women use this product? If so what are the benefits?

Yes. There are no contraindications for pregnancy. Babies take nutrients from the mother, so taking fulvic will give the mother the minerals it needs, as it’s a multi mineral. Make sure to follow low and slow dosing instructions. Please do also consult your health practitioner.

Can nursing mothers use this product?

Yes they can. Some nursing mothers have started with footbaths for a week, and then started taking it orally. Again, we recommend starting slow. Please do also consult with your health practitioner.

Why am I seeing black stools and seem more constipated since taking fulvic?

If you have black stools, the fulvic is going right through you and is a sign of a struggling digestive system. (Toxicity goes right through)

As you start to detoxify, your stools will return to a normal color. We recommend you start off slow, beginning with a lesser dose than is listed on the packet. We also recommend stay hydrated.

You may find you are more constipated if you:

  • Have a history or leniency towards constipated bowels
  • You are highly congested in the bowels (toxic waste build up or history of bowel issues in the family)
  • You start detoxing too fast.

If the bowels are not clearing as fast as necessary. (Varies from person to person) Toxins will accumulate and congest in the bowels. This can cause brain fog and fatigue as the gut affects the brain (gut brain connection) as well as bloating. The gut will then try to eliminate waste via the backup method (gas), which can build up as ammonia, so we recommend you get the lymphatic system going by moving.

Will I get a headache taking this?

Everyone is different, if you experience headaches; it’s showing the level of toxicity in your body. Some people have a higher level of toxicity in their digestive tract and others have more toxicity in their blood. If the toxicity is more in a person’s blood, they may experience headaches as they detoxify. If this is the case, we recommend slowing down the dose of fulvic and listening to your body, and work your way up to the dose on the packet. This could happen for 7-14 days from starting to take Fulvic.

What is the ratio of Fulvic to Humic in this product?

60% Humic / 40% Fulvic. Fulvic is the carrier that brings the nutrients into the cell and Humic is the plant base, the active part which is why it’s important to have both. Having a higher Humic content is very powerful. It’s the humification of plants where you get all your minerals, that’s where you get probiotics (your good bacteria) and your amino acids too because it comes from plants.

I’m recovering from mold, is there mold in this product?

No there is no mold in this product. To be approved by Health Canada, we go through strict regulatory testing methods.

When is the best time of the day to drink fulvic?

We recommend drinking Fulvic first thing in morning on an empty stomach. If having twice a day, have it thirty minutes or more before dinner on an empty stomach.

Can this remove heavy metals and cross the blood brain barrier?

Yes it can

The pack states to take 1⁄2 teaspoon dose, but I have been told to take a different amount. Why is this?

Some people may get detox reactions from taking Fulvic, so our Practitioners like to advise people to start off slow. For adults we recommend taking 1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon once or twice a day and work up to the full dose. For children under 8, we recommend half of that dose. Those who are extremely toxic could also start with footbaths for a week first, before drinking. If you experience any kind of detox reaction, we recommend to reduce the dose further, rather than stop taking it altogether, as it shows it’s working.

How much water should I be drinking a day?

In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day.” For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75 to 150 ounces of water a day. That said, our CEO and product formulator recommends 3-4 liters a day for adults.

I’ve heard fulvic can help with energy and metabolism, is that true?

A) Fulvic has ability to penetrate into the cell, and stimulate the mitochondria, bringing oxygen to it. This fuels the mitochondria to give the body more energy, build metabolism and build systemic function.

Can I continue taking medication whilst taking this product?

Absolutely but leave a space of two hours before or after meds. Please also consult with your Health Practitioner

I’ve heard that products that act as binders can affect taking medications. Should I be taking this product a few hours before my medication?

It won’t stop the affect of medication, if anything it would increase the effect of the medication. Sometimes we find that people don’t need as much medication. It’s important to get regular checkups from your healthcare professional 2-3 months after taking fulvic, as you may not need as high of a dose as the body regulates.

Will Fulvic help with cellulite? How would I use it for optimal results?

There are 3 ways you can help cellulite. Dry brushing (before a mud bath), wet brushing during the bath, a poultice and balneotherapy.

To make a poultice, use the same amount of fulvic to baking soda and add a little water until you make a paste. Spread onto the area and wrap in plastic saran wrap / cling film. Wrapping with plastic cuts the oxygen and allows the Fulvic to go deeper into the subcutaneous tissue. If you have knowledge of essential oils, you could also add Lemon, Rosemary, Sage or other oils that activate circulation and add that to the poultice. We would recommend leaving on 20 minutes and rinsing off, enjoy a detox mud bath or take advantage of balneotherapy.

Will this product help with Radiation / EMF?

Yes because of the chelation benefits. Our fulvic also has naturally occurring iodine in it, which helps protect against radiation.

What makes Black Oxygen Organics (BOO) better than other products on the market?

Marc Saint-Onge is the pioneer of Fulvic / Humic acid and was the first in Canada to sell Fulvic as mud baths. He has been doing this for 35 years and with the percentage of Humic to Fulvic that we use, everyone wants to follow suit, as we have set the standard. Our product has a higher content of Humic and we extract from a pristine area with no population and no pollution.

You extract from a peat bog, does this damage the ecosystem?

Ecologically, bogs replenish themselves. The only way you affect the eco system is when you empty it and destroy it. We do not do that. The area we extract from is owned by crowned land and we have the right to extract from it each year. It’s 45km by 25km and it replenishes itself. In the area where we extract, there are no ditches and we only extract once a year. You will not be able to see where we have extracted from

I’m allergic to penicillin and see that listed on the technical chart

People often panic when they see penicillin thinking its chemical. Plants have their own penicillin. It’s organic matter. Everything you see on the technical chart comes from the plant, so we encourage people not to panic when you read this.

How do we know the Fulvic isn’t contaminated?

The 60,000-year-old peat bog we source our minerals from used to be the Champlain Ocean. After the ice age, it left a huge basin flooded. That’s why there are great lakes in Canada. Before it became a peat bog, it was an ocean. Our peat bog is fed by minerals from springs continually.

We have strict processes. At 60 feet deep where we extract from, the product is already sterile and is a pure biochemical compound. Once we extract, it goes into stainless steel tubs and is freeze-dried. It then goes through various processes and is tested for mold and bacteria count. To gain the approval from Health Canada, we had to go through strict processes and regulations.

Can this help with hair loss?

Yes, alopecia is a hormonal problem and one of the benefits of fulvic is hormone balancing. You can do a poultice on the head to activate follicles and circulation. Simply mix fulvic and baking soda with water and use twice a week on the area.

How often should I do a facial?

Once or twice a week. If you have a specific issue, you can do it daily. If you have sensitive skin leave out the baking soda and use aloe instead. Also remove if it gets uncomfortable until the skin gets used to it for those with sensitive skin.

How can I use fulvic for skin conditions?

Use 1⁄4 teaspoon of fulvic, 1⁄4 teaspoon of baking soda and water to make into a paste. Leave the paste on wrapped in saran wrap / cling film for 20 minutes, then bath in it too. You may also add aloe or essential oils and apply with a brush.

I have colitis / crohns, is it safe for me to use Fulvic?

Yes, Fulvic helps inflammation. Often people with crohns / colitis have chronic inflammation. We recommend anyone with auto immune issues to start low and slow to help the body enhance the detox pathways.

What are the benefits to dogs, cats and horses? Can we give fulvic to our pets?

Yes, you can give fulvic to pets. It has the same benefit as humans. They live in the same environment as us, and mineral supplementation is essential to pets.

Is it normal to experience an emotional release?

Your frequency will be raised and it goes into your pineal gland, so you may experience increased awareness, or have more vivid dreams or an emotional release as emotional issues can very often lodge in the body, creating dis-ease. This is a positive, as emotions affect the physical.

What is the difference between Shilajit and Fulvic?

Shilajit comes from rock formations and contains fulvic. Because it comes from a fossilized source it’s harder to extract. Chemicals are then used to extract from the rock formation and end up in the product making it not only less bioavailable but also adding toxins into the body. Shilajit is an inorganic source and harder to absorb in the body which is why you often need more to see results. People often state they can purchase a higher concentration cheaper, but you will need to take much more to have the same affect. With our small dose, it’s very potent because it’s organic and pure. Our peat source is comprised of over 1500 plants.

Why are certain metals listed as minerals and heavy metals on the Certificate of Analysis, for example Aluminum?

There is a difference between positive and negative ions. Heavy metals are positive ions, where as the trace minerals are negative ions. The aluminum shown is a negative ion; it’s aluminosilicates, not free aluminum. Very important to differentiate between the two.

The Certificate of Analysis states testing was done in 2017, why isn’t it more recent?

We have research from 1994, 2012, 2015, and 2017, all with the same analysis.

Has the product been 3rd party tested?

Yes, it’s a requirement to be done 3 times a year for Health Canada approval.

The tablets state they contain stevia, I don’t like the thought of using stevia

The percentage of stevia is 0.01%

Detox Mud Baths

How often should I do a detox mud bath?

We recommend you choose one day a week where you can rest after having a bath. You can do twice or three times a week if you wish to. We also recommend doing a 21 day detox every 6 months (see FAQ on 21 Day detox)

How long should I stay in the bath for?

20 minutes is the average time we recommend to stay in a mud bath. It takes around 11 minutes for osmosis to occur. A study was done in the 1990’s that most people stay in a tub around 10 minutes, so we say 20, because we want to make sure you absorb the fulvic and ensure you are submersed in the bath for at least 11 minutes to have the maximum affects of the detox

Can my dog go into a mud bath?

Yes. Animals can go in a bath. We do not recommend you bath them in left over water after toxins have been released.

Should I be dry brushing before bathing?

You can dry brush before bathing and also wet brush in the bath too. Dry brushing works on the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) and brushing in the bath works on the adipose (fat) tissue and can help to break down cellulite.

How often should you do a full 21-Day Detox?

We recommend doing a 21-Day detox twice a year. During this time, we recommend bathing for 21 days straight (either foot or full detox bath) and drinking 3 glasses of fulvic a day.

Can I use the left over water to bath another child, or my dog or feed my plants?

We do not recommend using the water for anything after you have bathed in it, as it will be full of toxins. The only place we recommend the water to go is down the drain!

Why is it important for the water to be hotter than your body temperature?

Balneotherapy (a traditional medicine technique used for treating diseases by bathing, traditionally practiced at spas) has many facets. One is to eliminate toxins from the body through chelation and through the epidermis. The skin is the largest organ of the body.

When you take a hot bath with Fulvic, it has the ability to draw out toxins. If you increase the water temperature higher than the body temperature, it goes through osmosis.

This works in the same manner nutrients go in as toxins going out. Your sweat glands excrete toxins, so Balneotherapy allows for parasites and other toxins to be released from the body. Aside from urine and feces, sweat glands also release toxins out of the body, so don’t be alarmed if you see lots of things floating in your bath, it’s a positive sign of your body detoxing!

It’s very important when taking a detox mud bath, that you pour the water while submersed in the bath as you want to be able to tolerate the water as hot as you can. To create osmosis, the water needs to be at a hotter temperature than your body temperature.

We do not recommend sharing a bath if you are doing a detox, as you are releasing toxins from your body.

Should I expect any detox reactions after having a detox mud bath?

Some people feel dizzy when starting out using detox mud baths. We recommend that you stay hydrated (drinking lots of water) and start at a lower dose than is listed on the package.

Will it stain my bathtub or tiles?

If you clean the tub right away, it won’t stain. If you leave it to dry, and it has a scratch in it, it can go into the fibers. If you have white paint, we recommend not splashing in the bath!

Will I get the same benefit from footbaths to normal baths?

Yes they have the same benefits. Please follow the instructions around hot water if you want to create osmosis.

My bath was brown, but I have seen other people’s are black, am I using enough powder? 

The bath should be black and not transparent. It will take longer to get the affect if it’s a brown bath and you can see through it.

Here’s how to order

I HIGHLY recommend giving it a go when you can. You have a 30 day money back guarantee. A bag will last just over 3 months for one person. Please ask questions, I’m here to help! My contact info is at the top of every page.

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