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Buy essential oils at wholesale prices! Why pay full price???
I love love LOVE wholesale prices. Why pay full price when you can get the exact same quality for less? That’s why I buy organic foods at Costco and Azure Standard, why I save money on clothes at TJ Maxx and why I save money on home goods at, well, Home Goods and Tuesday Morning. All the same brands at discounted prices.

Since we only use the very best essential oils on our bodies and in our homes (here’s why) and I can get these powerful oils at wholesale prices, this was an easy choice for me.



No monthly purchase requirement

Basically, there are 2 ways to buy essential oils: retail or wholesale. You can do either with Young Living!


If you think you might only use a few oils a year, this might be the way to go. Go here and click the right graphic for a retail account. (But read the next section on wholesale accounts first — they are not expensive to have or maintain!)

When you create a wholesale account, you save about 50%.


Open a Young Living wholesale account and get all your oils at 24% Off retail! You join for $45, like a Costco membership. You get a starter kit for that investment with a bottle of Stress-Away essential oil (unlike Costco where I didn’t get a sign-up gift, lol).

Or join with a Premium Starter Kit – definitely the best deal. You get $180 worth of oils, a FREE diffuser ($100+ value), a purse-sized Thieves Hand Sanitizer spray, 2 Ningxia Red packs, 10 travel packets of every day oils, a roll-on fixture, 10 travel-sized bottles for taking your favorite oils on the go, and your membership — all of that for $165!

I did the math — this entire kit is worth $325, more than double what you are paying for it!! If you like a great deal, then get the PSK. Go here and click the left graphic, then look for the Premium Starter Kit.

(If you get stuck in your sign-up process for any reason, give me a call at 859-904-8018 and I can walk you through, no worries!)

The Young Living Premium Starter Kit with the Home Diffuser -- this is the one I got, love it!

No annual fee


To keep your wholesale account active, spend $50/year. Per YEAR. That’s it! If you don’t spend the $50, then the account is closed, no harm, no foul. Don’t worry, you will get a reminder if you have not made that minimum purchase.



No selling required


When you sign up for a wholesale account, you also get another perk: you can share about the oils and earn FREE OILS, bonuses and commissions when friends become members.

Of course, you never, ever have to share the fact that you use oils or sell anything ever to keep your wholesale discount. Sharing is optional. You can be a “closet oiler” — lots of people are and that is perfectly fine! I was until people started asking me about oils…

Just know that, when you use Young Living pure essential oils, you’re gonna want to tell people. Just like you tell a friend about that great movie you saw or where you got those fab earrings on sale or the delicious low-carb brownie recipe… you’re going to end up talking about these little bottles of goodness. I mean, why would you keep it a secret?

So you don’t have to grow a business, but if you end up sharing with your favorite people, you’ll make a little something in the process. Don’t hesitate to ask me about this if the time comes.

So What’s Next?

If you’re ready to empower YOU, your FAMILY and your HEALTH, then fill out your name and email below. Once you click Sign Up, you’ll be directed to my secure Young Living sign up form. Once there, you’ll select your membership type and your starter kit. Simple!

I’ll see you on the other side! You’ll have access to my personal support, complete training on how to use the oils, classes, learning resources, live gatherings in your area. Plus, I do giveaways and promos. As a new oiler, you want to be a part of an ACTIVE oily community for learning and support. My team is all that!

I’ve delayed you enough. Get going! I can’t wait to be your sponsor, and answer your questions.


Begin using oils today!

When you click “Sign Up” you’ll be directed to the Young Living site to complete the sign-up process.
If you have questions, call or email me anytime — my phone and email address are at the top of every page =)