Actually CICO doesn’t work for ANYONE until hormones are addressed. All the hormones, not just sex!

“There are more hormones than estrogen, progesterone and testosterone?”

So many more!!! Those 3 are what we call the “sex hormones” — they are the main players in libido, procreation, mood.

We also have cortisol & insulin, huge players in weight management.

Then there’s GHRELIN (the hunger hormone) & LEPTIN (the “I’m full” hormone). If you’ve ever eaten when you aren’t hungry or didn’t stop when you were full, those two were not functioning.

CORTISOL is the stress hormone, the fight or flight hormone, released when you are under stress. Its job is to release blood sugar. This is to give your brain food so you can make the decision to fight or flee, then muscle food to do the deed (run or wrestle)!

INSULIN because when that blood sugar is released, it needs insulin to get into your cells. If you are overweight, you are very likely “insulin-resistant” meaning the insulin is NOT getting the sugar into your cells. It remains in your bloodstream.

What eventually happens to that sugar? Your body sees it as excess energy and stores it as fat.

More detail at the links below. For now, know that the reason you “can’t” lose weight is because your hormones are out of balance. You aren’t a failure or different. You are human with systems that are adjusting.

How to get hormones working again? The most effective method is an elimination diet combined with relaxed intermittent fasting to wake up those hormones and get them to behave as they should. If you want to try my effective, affordable, certified vegan, nutritious program, drop an icon in the comments or DM me.

Just remember: if your weight loss is slow to none at the beginning, it’s because your body is adjusting. It ain’t Amazon Prime. IT WILL HAPPEN — your body wants to be in balance and is working every minute to do that. We just have to get out of the way.

Here’s to #healthyliving2020!!! xoxo

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