This is a basic candida protocol. Use at your own risk. Thank you.

What is Candida?

I have a few “go to” sites that, over the years, have earned my respect for decent information (and not just a rehashing of Wikipedia).

For candida, I like this MindBodyGreen article. While it’s very thorough, I have a couple of reservations.

First, the spit test is so unreliable, it’s not worth the trouble. And he’s right: a stool test is best for determining fungus overgrowth, if you need to know for sure.

The other reservation is that, while certain foods (mainly high carb and sugar) can CONTRIBUTE to a case of candida already in existence, those foods are not the CAUSE.

The CAUSE is gut dysbiosis (leaky, out-of-balance gut) which set up the environment for yeast to proliferate. The point here is that changing your diet will NOT get rid of candida without other interventions! You gotta change your diet, no question, but in conjunction with other interventions.

You must heal the gut. Must. No way ’round it.

So let’s address the elephant in the room: diet.

Diet while on Candida Protocol

Paleo-Atkins-Keto, baby! Candida feeds on sugar so you want to eliminate that TOTALLY during the protocol so that your diet isn’t working at odds with your supplements!

FAQ: All carbs turn to sugar in your body. All of them, even broccoli. We want to avoid that as much as humanly possible while on the protocol.

AVOID grains (like totally avoid), potatoes, sweet veggies (carrots, onions), sweet fruits (oranges, apples, tomatoes), dairy, artificial sweeteners and honey, sugar, agave.

INCLUDE meats, eggs, non-starchy veggies, low-glycemic fruits (berries), healthy fats (avocado, coconut oil), stevia or xylitol for sweetener.

This is NOT a high fat or high protein diet! It is low carb or VLC (Very Low Carb). You end up eating more fats and protein but that is not the goal. The goal is VLC to eliminate sugar.

If you don’t have a gall bladder, you’ll want to take a good oxbile supplement like this one. If you do have a gall bladder and are not used to eating a high protein/fat diet, you might want to add the oxbile as well, or at least a good digestive enzyme.

4 Supplement Candida Protocol

  1. Biocidin LSF
  2. MegaMycoBalance
  3. Megaspore
  4. Activated Charcoal

Biocidin LSF

Titrate up to no more then 3 pumps 2x/day*, rotate 4 days on, 3 days off. Start with 1 pump in am for 3 days. Add one pump/day after that until you are at 3 drops 2x/day.

You can purchase at a discount from my Fullscript store. Please contact me and I’ll get you a personalized link (my phone and email are at the top of every page). Do NOT buy from Amazon. There are no authorized Bio-Botanical sellers on Amazon. There are, however, companies that knock off the bottles and fill them with water… or who knows what!


Titrate very slowly: start with 1 cap in the am. In 5 days, add one in pm. Take it up a cap every 5 days. The goal is 5 caps per day: 3 in am, 2 in pm. This is sufficient for most cases.

Not legally sold on Amazon. I stock and sell this at a discount along with MegaSporeBiotic (next).


AWESOME therapeutic probiotic!!! Start with 1/day for 5 days, then go up to 2/day. Continue throughout the protocol.

Not legally sold on Amazon. Order details here.

Activated Charcoal

This is to help “mop up” the toxins and residue left from killing the fungus, and get it all out of your body (via poop). It will also help mitigate any detox reaction (see below about titration). AC is what poison control centers use to mop up ingested poisons.

This is legally sold on Amazon and this is the brand I use.

How To: the Candida Protocol

Once you are fully titrated, stay on the complete protocol for 4 weeks, then see how symptoms present.

Drink plenty of water. That means till your pee is clear.

If you are still having symptoms after the first round, rotate on for 4-6 weeks, then off for 3 weeks. Repeat till no more symptoms.

Should symptoms persist for more than 3 rounds, the next step is to do a stool test for parasites, bacteria, other pathogens that are in the way of getting rid of the candida!


This is an excellent probiotic for everyday use. Or go to an old favorite and come back to this when needed. There is some idea out there that you need to switch up your probiotic every couple of months. There is no scientific basis for this idea, but it won’t hurt as long as the probiotic you are switching in is a QUALITY product. There are some supps I buy cheap, but I buy the best probiotic I can find!


Titration speed is based on your reaction. Some people can get flu-like symptoms, headaches, etc. as a “detox reaction”. Titrate up at a speed that works for you. Slower is always better!!! A bad detox reaction can set you back weeks, so you really want to avoid that!

MORE on Activated Charcoal:

  • don’t take everyday for long periods:
  • does not appear to absorb (adsorb) good bacteria
  • dave asprey takes it daily
  • cannot od and can only take too LITTLE which will have no effect at all

There you go! If you want guidance and support, work with me. I’m affordable, efficient and fun! In any event, please report back to the mother ship (me) and let me know how this worked for you! My email and phone number are at the top of every page!

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