It’s difficult to believe that — after a decade of debunking by doctors, scientists, researchers and scholars — people STILL take statins thinking they are preventing heart attacks.



In fact, CHOLESTEROL IS GOOD FOR YOU. It’s an essential nutrient. Why would our bodies be created with an essential nutrient — as in you would die without it — that could kill us?

And your body not only MAKES cholesterol from whatever you eat, it only makes what it NEEDS.

In fact, high cholesterol is NOT DANGEROUS and IS PROTECTIVE, particularly for women!!

Statins STOP your body from making the cholesterol it REQUIRES. The idea is so dumb, I’m amazed doctors fell for it.

But they did. And they make a TON of money from it, just from repeated office visits and testing.

You can prevent and even reverse CHD/CAD (coronary heart/artery disease). Yep. Learn more here and here.

Keep on with that healthy living, y’all! xoxo

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