About Sally & Ryan

When I was a teenager, my mother read Adele Davis’ book Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit. That book changed our lives. Mom immediately set about following Adele’s advice: liver and eggs for breakfast, 36 vitamins every morning and a disgusting smoothie made with Brewer’s Yeast and no sweetener.

Forcing kids to drink that ought to be illegal.

Little did we know that, 40 years later, liver and eggs would be super foods again. And little did I know I’d love those foods today!

Hi, I’m Sally Oh, a native Kentuckian married since ’91 to Hal from Taxachusetts, mother to two grown 100% homeschooled sons — one of whom, my partner Ryan, is in the photo with me!

I’m a full-time Functional Health Practitioner, wellness and weight management educator, recovering REALTOR® and health freedom activist. In my spare time, I blog here with my son Ryan 🙂

Having worked hard to regain my health after a near-death hospitalization in 2010, I have become keenly aware of the difference between “feeling pretty good” and vibrant health.

Between feeling better and being better.

Between fixing a symptom, and fixing a system.

These days, we’re all about the latter!

Ryan watched my struggle back to health. He, along with my other son Morgan and my husband Hal, took excellent care of me in my recovery. That experience changed us all forever!

Ryan is a fitness enthusiast and very focused on sharing his knowledge of health and fitness with others. “Start ’em young!” he says. I agree 100%!!!

Today, Ryan and I focus on helping clients regain and maintain vibrant health. Join us! 


Credentials (Sally)


  • Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner (site), since 2016
  • Weston A Price Foundation chapter leader since 2010: 2010-2018 for Bath County KY | 2018-current Lexington | 2016 Volunteer of the Year
  • Founded Real Food KY 2014, join our Facebook group!
  • President, Ky Ag Women for Wellness 2015-2017
  • Professional Speaker/Trainer on a variety of health topics, since 2011
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, since 1993 (date of reprieve 5/5/88)
  • Personal Health and Fitness Coach, since 1982
  • Universal Life Church minister, ordained July 13, 1975


  • Homeopathy Study Group (site)
  • Gerson Therapy Basics Course (site)
  • Andrea Nakayama’s Digestion Intensive (site)
  • Summits: Adrenal, Brain with Dr. Kharazzian, Cannabis, Cancer 2012 & 2015, Digestion, Essential Oils with Dr. Z, Gluten, Fat, Keto, Metabolism, Thyroid, AutoImmune coming up…
  • Research


  • Owner/Instructor, Heavenly Bodies Aerobics, CoffeeMill Dance Studio, Key West, FL, 1982-2002
  • Certified Physical Fitness Specialist by the Cooper Institute (equivalent to the current Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer), 1985
  • Fitness Program Director, Bluegrass Spa, a residential holistic health spa in Stamping Ground, KY, 1984-1989
  • Graduate of both The Mastery and The Leadership Program with Dan Fauci and Sally Fisher @ The Actor’s Institute, NYC, 1986
  • EST, now The Landmark Forum, September B, 1978
  • B.S. Sociology & Communications, Lindenwood University, 1977

Credentials (Ryan)


  • Workout junkie and educator
  • Avid reader and writer
  • Learns everywhere, interested in everything

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