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Our daily supplements because, the soil, she ain't what she used to be :)

When it comes to daily supplements, we don’t mess around. The soil, she ain’t what she used to be. It’s unlikely we get what we need from food. Thank you, FDA and USDA, for protecting the food supply so well. <smh>

Until we have a cow, some pigs, a greenhouse to grow our own food as well as our chicken feed (for our 30 layers), until we’ve improved our soil so that it actually feeds its nutrients to plants like it oughta, we’ll load up on supplements. We are never sick since we’ve been on this regimen. Yay!

Putting the daily vitamin puzzle together has been a labor of love. There is a world of info out there and it took me years–literally YEARS–to figure out what to take, then how much to take. Then which brand to choose, find out if there’s a non-GMO alternative, what are all those additives, then what can I do naturally, what should I buy locally (as much as possible), what can I make for probiotic health?

My questions were endless.

Since we are almost out of everything, I just ordered a fresh batch — which is what prompted this review and update. The total came to $420. That’s ordering 2 and 3 bottles of everything to last me the winter. So just one bottle of each is about half that.

Every time we run out of vitamins, we catch something, necessitating emergency health food store runs (almost ALWAYS more expensive than online purchases). The last time we had TWO doctor visits. The doctor visits alone were almost $400. So, no vitamin buyer’s remorse here!

When I flinch at the cost, I remember what Joel Salatin so famously quipped when a customer whined about paying $5 for a carton of pastured eggs: “Have you priced cancer lately?”

Our Daily Supplements:

Here’s what we take everyday, usually with the smoothie! The links go to where I buy them, mostly Amazon these days since I live so far out in the country. For more info on a supplement, I research on the Linus Pauling Institute website or at the Weston A Price website.

You’ll see that I buy a lot of powder supplements. That’s because you just get the thing you want, zero fillers. They mix up in the smoothie or yogurt or in a shot of kombucha. Easy!

♥ A 25,000 iu | This is natural Vitamin A in retinol form, not synthetic. Read why this is all good here. Need this for eyes, skin and so much more. (I wrote to Carlson Labs, they are non-GMO.)

YogiMami offers ways to improve your eyesight naturally.

♥ ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) 300 mg | ALA is a hugely powerful antioxidant! Dr. Berkson wrote a very good book on the topic. Everything you ever wanted to know about ALA is in this book. Dr. Berkson’s successful cancer treatment is based on ALA and LDN. You need Vitamin B with ALA because ALA uses it up.

♥ B Complex | Essential if you take ALA or don’t eat meat. Water-soluble, you pee out what you don’t need. Pretty cheap insurance. Plus this has actual folate in it! Folate (good) and Folic Acid (bad) are not the same thing, although the vitamin industry treats them as such. Chris Kresser has a great article on folate v folic acid here. Plus this B Complex has the methyl form of B12. Not enough B12 so we still supplement that.

♥ B12 1,500 mcg

♥ C 2245 mg + 225 mg Calcium per 1/2 tsp | This is buffered Vit C powder so much easier on the digestive tract (translation: less likely to make ya go).

♥ D3 10,000 iu | We don’t get sick when we take D3. You can read up on D3 here (and get a home test kit to see where your levels are now.)

♥ Diatomaceous Earth 1T in the smoothie | You want food grade, not the pool stuff. You don’t taste it in a smoothie. If you are not a smoothie person, mix 1 T in a glass of water and toss it back. I take it that way when I don’t do the smoothie. Tastes like muddy water because, well, it is. I also feed it to my pets and dust their bedding and coops with it. I buy it in the handy 50lb bag.

♥ E (Mixed Tocopherals & Tocotrienols) 400 iu | I cannot find a non-GMO vitamin E… at least this one has all the tocopherals plus the tocotrienols. It’s literally the best one I’ve found. Stil looking.

Fish oil We just added this to our regimen!

♥ Iodine Lugol’s Solution 50 mg | Lugol’s tastes horrible (can’t taste it in the smoothie, of course) so you can take Iodoral tablets instead — I did at first. Now, we take 50mg of Lugol’s a day in a smoothie or with a shot of kombucha. I have had excellent results with Iodine and I would not go without it. It also protects from radiation. If the Lugol’s link does not work, search “the_full_orchestra” seller on ebay.

♥ K2 500 mcg | Made from Natto (fermented soybeans) which is the best kind. According to Jarrow (see letter below), the soybeans are non-GMO.

♥ LDN 4.5 mg (about 1 tsp) | This is low-dose Naltrexone. LDN is used to boost one’s immune system. This requires a prescription. Or a good pharmacy in India or Mexico. This is a good place to start for a naltrexone education. I joined the yahoo group — you’ll see a link about halfway down the page.

An active Yahoo group on any topic is worth its weight in gold. Seriously.

♥ Lysine (Powder) 500 mg (1/4 tsp) | Lysine is my go to for a virus, including herpes. I took it for 2 years and noticed I hadn’t gotten one of my mongo fever blisters in over a year. With my history, this is a miracle. I take 2x day when sick, 1x a day when well.

♥ Magnesium Oil < < < My mom uses Mag oil and it works great for her. (I make my own mag oil.)

♥ Magnesium (Chelated) 400 mg The best mag I’ve ever taken.

♥ Niacin 100 mg | This is Niacin, the flush kind, excellent for detox. We take at least 200 mg. Niacinimide is the non-flush form and I’ve read that it is hard on the liver. Besides, we’ve taken niacin for so long, there’s rarely a flush anymore.

♥ Selenium 200 mcg | Good for everything, great cancer-fighter. Essential if you take iodine, too.

♥ Zinc 30 mg | Great product! Essential for prostate. Do not get the kind with copper in it unless you know you are copper-deficient.

♥ We also take digestive enzymes formulated by Dr. GonzalezDr. Gonzalez was a brilliant cancer doctor. Sadly, he was one of the holistic doctors killed this year (2016). Here’s his book Enzymes and Cancer. I heard him speak at the Weston A Price Foundation annual conference. Very inspiring!

Remember, I’m not telling YOU what to take. I’m telling you what WE take. The FDA has forbidden me to give advice, so of course I never would. Unless you called me and asked.

GMO and Daily Supplements

I look for non-GMO ingredients whenever possible. The product has to say “No GMO” on the label, or be corn, soy, canola, and/or cotton-free. Most Vitamin C products contain ascorbic acid which is usually made from corn. Any vitamins made with corn, soy, canola or cottonseed oil is GMO unless the label says non-GMO. GMOs are proven poisons. Take them at your peril.

Click here for the smoothie 🙂

What Else Could One Do to Stay Healthy?

Probiotics via supplements (we take Primal Defense) and/or eat unpasteurized fermented foods like kefir, whole milk yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi. Store-bought yogurt and kefir are pasteurized, then have had probiotics added back in. Not the way nature intended, but sometimes this is the easiest way to get probiotics away from home.

♥ Eat a raw organic non-irradiated garlic clove once a day: crush the clove, mince, mix with honey, swallow. I mince it teensy because it goes down easier that way. Crush it first, then wait 11 minutes — crushing releases allicin which is the pertinent compound! Garlic is believed to kill parasites and to be good for lung health.

♥ 2-4 Tbsp organic coconut oil everyday. I put a Tbsp in my coffee every morning, 1/2 – 1 Tbsp in my tea during the day and cook with it as much as possible. It’s antibacterial — I put it on a cut and watch the healing begin! It also numbs the cut which is a bonus. I finally got to throw away all my Neosporin. Plus, coconut oil has been shown to fight dementia and coconut oil is full of good fats and enzymes.

*This is unrefined coconut oil meaning it has a coconut-ty flavor. If you want all the health but not the flavor, you want refined coconut oil. I have both in my kitchen. I usually love the flavor, except when I’m frying eggs.

♥ Honey: We have a great source of local raw unfiltered honey. If you can find that, perfect. Please support your local beekeepers — without bees, the planet dies. Not to be scare-mongering or anything 🙂 If you can’t get local, we love love love this honey.

♥ SAMe Someone in our house was not feeling up to his usual cheery self. A local naturopathic medical doctor suggested we try this. It worked like a charm almost IMMEDIATELY. I highly recommend it. Also good for joint and liver health which we old farts can always use!

♥ Colloidal Silver Since we take iodine every day, we don’t take silver regularly. All four of us got a mild case of flu this year (because we hadn’t been diligent with our supplements during the move). Colloidal silver knocked it right back! I have used it on external wounds, dropped it in my eyes and taken it internally, all with no harm and good relief of the problem. It’s a must have for my first aid cabinet.

What vitamins do you take, if any? What’s missing from this list? Please share in the comments — thank you!


The FDA is worried about us vitamin-takers. So worried, in fact, that in order to protect us from ourselves and evil vitamin-makers, it is working hard to “harmonize” our supplements. Meaning it wants to make some prescription only and others available only in tiny doses so that getting enough to do us some good will be prohibitively expensive.

Please call your U.S. Congress peeps and tell them you want the FDA’s hands off our supplements! Death by vitamin is so rare as to be nonexistent. Whereas, someone dies from pharmaceuticals used as prescribed every 19 minutes. 

Letter from Jarrow 11/2013 re. the Vitamin K supplement being from non-GMO Natto:

MK7 is derived from non-GMO soy. It is not a certified organic product. Additionally, the soybean oil and primrose oil are non-GMO. MK7 comes from natto, which is fermented by the bacteria bacillus subtilus.

Best Regards, Sarah
Jarrow Formulas,Inc.

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Our Daily Supplements because the soil... she ain't what she used to be!