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SPECIAL SECTION: Coronavirus Prevention Protocol

According to thousands of doctors worldwide (including one in KY), Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) works as prevention and cure.

ABOUT ALL DAY CHEMIST: When it comes to the prescription section, answer all the questions about what other meds you take (don’t remember all the questions), then just click “continue” basically skipping the prescription question. I’ve been using this store for years, it’s where I get my LDN. I trust them, I use echeck to pay my bill there. It takes 2-4 weeks to get your pills.

For optimum health for resisting Covid, take these everyday!

  • C 2500 mg (powder) (I’m taking 3-5 servings a day)
  • D3 5,000 iu (if no sunshine, we take 2 for 10k iu)
  • Digestion Plus (probiotic + prebiotic + digestive enzymes — let me help you order to get the best deal, text “d+” to 859-550-3862)
  • K2 (must have with D3, see details below in the regular section)
  • Lysine (Powder) 500 mg (anti-viral)
  • Magnesium (must have with D3)
  • Quercitin (inhibits the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines)
  • Zinc for lung health

Foods to stay extra healthy:

  • Eat clean organic foods, as local as possible
  • Limit alcohol, coffee, NO soda, NO refined sugar (organic Stevia for sweetener)
  • Coconut Oil:  The coronavirus is a lipid-coated virus that pegs out in the presence of medium-chain triglycerides–and coconut oil is our best source of these healthy fats. We use organic coconut oil from Costco but when we have to order online, we get this. And this MCT oil.
  • Saturated Fats: Coronavirus has an affinity for the lungs, and the lungs can’t work without saturated fats, so eat plenty of butter and bone broth, and avoid all industrial fats and oils.

Back to the Regular Post 🙂

When it comes to daily supplements, we don’t mess around. The soil, she ain’t what she used to be. It’s unlikely we get all our essential macros and micros from food, even when we eat clean. Thank you, FDA and USDA, for protecting the food supply so well. <smh>

For now, we’ll be taking our daily supplements. We are almost never sick since we’ve been on this regimen. Yay!

Putting the daily vitamin puzzle together has been a labor of love. There is a world of info out there and it took me years–literally YEARS–to figure out:

My questions were endless and ever evolving. And new brands coming online every day — we live in exciting times as far as improving health is concerned. So the research continues!

About Our Daily Supplements

Here’s what we take everyday (with the smoothie!) The links go to where I buy them, mostly Amazon. For more info on a supplement, I research at Linus Pauling Institute or at Weston A Price.

You’ll see that I buy a lot of powder supplements. That’s because you just get the thing you want, zero fillers. They mix up in the smoothie or yogurt or in a shot of kombucha. Easy!

I’m again researching my supplements to make sure NOTHING comes from China.

Bottom-Line Essentials

In times of financial stress (when we feel we can’t purchase everything), these are the essentials for our family. You’ll find more detail on each supplement in the next section.

Brain Food Daily Supplements

Alpha GPC Helps memory and is used to help dementia sufferers actually improve. Here are two very good articles, one from Dr. Axe and one from Self Hacked.

L-Theanine (powder) or pill form | Improves focus and relieves stress. Particularly good with coffee, we mix a scoop in our cuppa in the am. Wonderful! Good overall info here.

The Other Daily Supplements

Whole Food Blend Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Boost We drink this everyday in our smoothie. It’s a very well balanced multi with the basics. This is my insurance, in case I’m running and don’t take all the other supps. Plus the folate and B12 are methylated forms! On every Arbonne product, you see a “Meet the Product” pdf. That tells you EVERYTHING about that particular product.

A 10,000 iu Great immune system booster and essential to work with D, E, K against viruses.

♥ ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) 300 mg | ALA is a hugely powerful antioxidant! Dr. Berkson wrote a very good book on the topic. Everything you ever wanted to know about ALA is in this book. Dr. Berkson’s successful cancer treatment is based on ALA and LDN. (PS. You need Vitamin B with ALA because ALA uses it up.)

Ancestral Supplements I ❤ this company SO MUCH (here’s why)!!! They make grass fed dessicated (freeze-dried) organs, aka superfoods. They all have a good supply of liver in them, so we alternate products — the Grass Fed Desiccated Beef Organs is good all around and have the Thyroid on order. Good stuff, WAPF approved!

B Complex | Good for everything, especially good for brain and managing stress

♥ B12 5,000 mcg (+ I get B12 in my Energy Fizz Sticks)

Berberine This is great for 2 things (in particular): balancing blood sugar (studies show it works better than Metformin, scroll down to section 3.1) and inflammation. We take 1 a day, you can take more.

Boron For bone and joint health. You can take in pill form or make your own. I buy borax ($5/box locally so actually cheaper on Amazon) and make my own. Mix 1 tsp borax in a qt of distilled water. Take 1 tsp/day for 3 mg boron. I put in the smoothie or sip from the jar of concentrate, chase with kombucha =/:-) Read more here. (This article used to come up first before searches became based on opinion rather than popularity.) This is another good article on boron with references.

♥ C 2500 mg (powder) and THIS Lipo C (in pill form)| The powder goes in the smoothie, or add to a short glass of kombucha and shoot. The Lipo C is for when you need to take a lot, like in case of a cold or other virus. Or you don’t like the powder.

♥ D3 10,000 iu (5,000 iu in summer)| We don’t get sick when we take D3. You can read up on D3 here. You can get a test kit here or here.

Digestive enzymes About once a year, we (my husband and I) share a large bottle of these formulated by Dr. Gonzalez. We’ll take 3 with each meal. Dr. Gonzalez was a brilliant cancer doctor. Here’s his book Enzymes and Cancer. His partner of 20+ years, Dr. Linda Isaac, carries on his work. She is my cancer doctor of choice should the need arise.

E 400 This is the most complete E I’ve found. Good for brain health, excellent cancer fighter

Fiber This is glucomannon fiber, one of the healthiest sources of supplemental fiber. I don’t take everyday (although I did when I was first healing my gut). Maybe once a week now.

Fibrenza This is a systemic enzyme as opposed to a digestive enzyme. It actually helps dissolve excess fibrin in your body which is SCAR TISSUE. This is particularly important to me because I had scar tissue wrap around my colon a few years ago and darn near killed me. I’m very interested in dissolving all of it! If you’ve ever had an organ removed, you want to consider this!!! I usually order this in bulk to save money (I have a practitioner account). It retails for $129.95 but if you can order 3 bottles, I sell for $99 each plus shipping. Text me at 859-550-3862 if this works for you!

Omega 3s We love this flax seed oil for Omega 3s. No fishy taste and no risk of heavy metals or toxins. Or here’s an excellent fish oil supplement, if you prefer!

♥ Iodine LugoTabs | Read up on iodine here, why you need it, what it does.

♥ K2 500 mcg | Made from non-GMO* Natto (fermented soybeans) which is the best kind. ESSENTIAL with D3!!! D3 gets your calcium (from food sources, we don’t take any extra yet) into your bloodstream. K2 gets it into your bones and teeth. This book is an excellent primer on K2. Did you know that K2 REVERSES atherosclerosis and CAD? REVERSES.

♥ LDN 4.5 mg (about 1 tsp) | This is low-dose Naltrexone. LDN is used to boost one’s immune system and is a known cancer-fighter/preventive. Dr. Berkson (see ALA above) uses this. Most alternative cancer docs use this in their protocols these days! This requires a prescription. Or a good pharmacy in India or Mexico. This is a good place to start for a naltrexone education.

♥ Lysine (Powder) 500 mg (1/4 tsp) | Lysine is my go to for a virus, including herpes. Since my husband and I have been taking this (since about 2006), neither of us have had an outbreak unless we stop taking. With my history, this is a miracle.

♥ Magnesium (If you prefer the oil, make your own mag oil.)

♥ Niacin (powder, made in USA) | This is Niacin, the flush kind, excellent for detox. We take at least 200 mg, put in the smoothie. (Niacinimide is the non-flush form but you want the flush for detox.)

Probiotics We use Digestion Plus from Arbonne. It is actually 3 products in one: a prebiotic + probiotic + digestive enzymes. In today’s toxic world, everyone needs a probiotic.

A probiotic INSTALLS the good bacteria, a prebiotic FEEDS the good bacteria, digestive enzymes help you get the NUTRIENTS from your food. Eating unpasteurized fermented foods like kefir, whole milk yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi are awesome, but not enough to repair/prevent leaky gut!

♥ Selenium 200 mcg | Good for everything, great cancer-fighter. Essential if you take iodine.

♥ TRS | Detox is essential for good health. You cannot get well “over” toxins, they gotta go. This is an AWESOME product, we’ve used for over a year and will continue for the foreseeable future.

♥ Zinc | Essential for prostate and immune support. Do not get the kind with copper unless you know you are copper-deficient.

Remember, I’m not telling YOU what to take. I’m telling you what WE take. The FDA has forbidden me to give advice, so of course I never would. Unless you called me and asked.

GMO and Daily Supplements

I look for non-GMO ingredients whenever possible. The product has to say “No GMO” on the label, or be corn, soy, canola, and/or cotton-free. Most Vitamin C products contain ascorbic acid which is usually made from corn. Any vitamins made with corn, soy, canola or cottonseed oil is GMO unless the label says non-GMO. GMOs are proven poisons. Take them at your peril.

Click here for the smoothie 🙂

A little more on Detox

♥ You cannot get well on top of toxins, they gotta go. And once you start your clean eating, your body will start to off-load toxins. Here are a few ways to make sure the toxins LEAVE your body completely:

What vitamins do you take? What else do you do to stay healthy?


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