This is ridiculous. It’s only December 6th and it’s been snowing for three days. It will be 12°F (twelve, the twelve that is close to ten which is just 10 numbers above ZERO) tonight. High of 21°F tomorrow. TWENTY-ONE.

Oh. My. God. What have we done???? Today, we were actually talking about how Texas might be the perfect place for us. And how moving is not so bad, really.

Then I got Scott Oliver’s newsletter from Costa Rica with information about this incredible Costa Rica property for sale. I want this. I want it now. Tonight. Oh, man. “Regrets, I’ve had a few…”

It was so cold today that, when Hal and I got to the Whole Foods market with its nice open breezy parking lot, we opened the doors, started to get out, then jumped back in the car, slammed our respective doors and turned to stare at each other. In frickin’ wonder. As in, “WONDER WHAT THE HELL WE WERE THINKING?” Sigh. I suppose we will survive this. Right?

In other news, the boys were fired four days after they started. No warning, just, “Thanks for working. We hired more experienced people.” I’m pretty certain management needed warm bodies to do the work until they could hire those experienced workers. That mom and pop local chain restaurant (it’s the only one) is dead to me now. The boys loved their first paychecks, though. Whoa. So fun to see those faces!

Mo got a job in a warehouse almost immediately working the graveyard shift: 6:30p to 5a. On his feet the whole time but GOOD money and tons of overtime. He comes home exhausted every morning but he knows exactly what he’s getting come Friday paycheck.

Ryan is having a tougher time finding a job because he’s not yet 18. Talk about unintended consequences: there’s a law here that anyone under 18 has to be given a 20-30 minute break every four hours. No one wants to have to keep track of that or suffer the consequences if a break is missed. Consequently, no big-time employers hire under 18. We are going to hit the fast food restaurants tomorrow, see what opportunities pop up.

Not that the dead-to-me mom and pop gave him a break every four hours. He washed dishes for 10 hours straight. They really took advantage.

I’m so happy the boys get to work. They can buy stuff, they can save something, they can see what the whole living-life-like-an-adult-sorta thing is like. Very cool. Mo’s job might just be for Christmas, but that’s ok, too. He’s a real workhorse, young and strong, willing, cheerful. I figure if they are going to keep anyone, he has a good chance. If he wants it. We’ll see.

I had to put off going to the training for my new job as a seminar leader. That training was last weekend, but I didn’t have time to prepare with the latest mom crisis. Since I have to do several presentations at the training, I want to be über prepared. The next training is in February and I’m signed up for that.

And I’ve decided to put off acupuncture school till the spring, maybe even next fall. There is just too much on my plate right now. I’m like that: my eyes are always bigger than my stomach, no matter what’s being served! It all looks good, so I load up: international move, mom caretaker, new job that requires a long interview process and tons ‘o preparation, mucho travel and new Adult Person clothes, then a little acupuncture school for dessert. For which I have to take Biology, Psychology and Anatomy & Physiology. By January. Those classes are offered either online or via CLEP, so way easier than having to actually go to a classroom for a semester… But who am I trying to kid with that schedule?

And I’ve still got all the fun a la carte items on my platter (a plate is not big enough): I’m now the Weston A. Price chapter leader in Lexington, plus still participating in all the local freedom stuff, the web moll for, blogging, and, oh yeah, Key West property management. It’s a wonder I didn’t rush out and get 20 mail-order chickens for my backyard already! I’m like a kid in a candy store who hasn’t had candy in a year. Or five. Stuffing it in my mouth, under my coat, in my socks, filling my pockets with all those goodies.

Whoa, horsey.

My gut says slow down. Actually, it’s been saying this for awhile — I just didn’t want to hear it. All my life, I’ve been a runner: running from one thing to the next. No breathing in between, God forbid I should waste time breathing. Costa Rica taught me to slow down. In spite of myself, actually: move to Costa Rica and try to get things done. Ha, that’ll teach ya! But I moved back here and instantly went back to my old m.o.: living at the speed of sound. I’ll sleep when I’m dead type of thing. Terrified I’ll die before I can eat all the candy. Yikes, I can be an idiot. I’m going to remember what Costa Rica taught me and sleep now. Enjoy now. I can do this.

So. I figure it’s normal to take on one change at a time, right? (Anyone normal out there to check me?) I’m going for the job first. I’ll prepare for the training, enjoy that — heck,  just the training should be so fun! Then work for a bit. I know I am going to love this job. THEN we’ll see about acupuncture school. I’m not even going to sign up till the gut says it’s time.

Besides, you know, maybe we will move to Texas. Some nice town where it never gets below 40°F. We could do 40°. But 12°? TWELVE? Are you KIDDING ME?

Here’s to mis amigos en Costa Rica y en los estados unidos — eh, what’s a couple of regrets among friends, right?

Love, so’b

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