DUTCH Test for Hormones, Adrenals (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones)

The DUTCH hormone test provides you with detailed information on how adrenal and sex hormones are being produced AND metabolized in the body. Your hormones drive the ship, quite literally. They get you out of bed, put you to sleep, regulate your mood, libido, energy — if you had no hormones, you literally wouldn’t know what to do next!

They are involved in every single system in your body, including weight loss, gut health, and emotional well-being.

DUTCH TEST Details (links go to the lab website)

My Most FAQs:

  • Test Type: Urine for the DUTCH; Urine + Saliva for the DUTCH Plus
  • How: the test kit is shipped to you, you do the test in the privacy of your home and ship the kit back to the lab. Results are sent to me and I send to you.
  • Cost: The DUTCH is $325; DUTCH Plus is $405

If you are interested in this test, please contact me here.

Since I don’t control pricing on the testing, please note that prices are subject to change without notice.