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We don’t drink fluoridated water and haven’t for many years since discovering that fluoride harms kids.

When the boys were babies, I gave them soy formula made with fluoridated water — oh, how I regret that!!!

Fluoride is supposed to help your teeth. The best way to use it is to APPLY TOPICALLY. Fluoride toothpaste is the most efficient way to do that. But don’t swallow that toothpaste! It’s a neurotoxin. It says right on the toothpaste tube that, if you swallow it, call poison control.

Why are we forced to DRINK it?

In KY, it is MANDATED by the state that fluoride be added to the water supply. There is a group of us led by my friend Cindi Batson to remove that mandate and return the fluoridation decision to cities and towns.

Cindi has been working to remove this mandate for years now. So far, the statewide mandate is still in full force and effect.

In 2018 and 2019 a bill existed in the KY state legislature to rid Kentucky of the state mandate and allow water districts to choose if the practice continued. A bill in 2020 is yet to be determined. In preparation, please contact your representative in support of fluoride choice for your community.

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Every day, a million KY children continue to be poisoned (read the studies below, folks — there are plenty more showing that fluoride harms kids).

Following is Cindi’s letter to one of KY’s most reasonable and health-minded Congressmen, Thomas Massie. All emphasis mine.

Honorable Congressman Massie,

I am a concerned mother of three children and a registered nurse in your district writing to you in regards to a recent publication in JAMA Pediatrics concerning water fluoridation and it’s potential to cause neurological harm.

Please review the journal publication as follows.

Here is a link to an audio summary from the editor in chief, an MD who clearly states that this publication received more scrutiny prior to publication than the average study because of the likely controversy it would stir.

The physicians repeatedly refer to this study as a good study and call for the NIH to study it in more depth. 12 minutes of your time and you will hear this MD state that the effects of ingested fluoride may be comparable with the harmful effects of lead and that he will recommend to pregnant women that they drink filtered bottled water.

In Kentucky this practice continues to be mandated.

Nearly every water system in our state adds artificial water fluoridating chemical (often hydrofluorosilicic acid or hexafluoric acid, HFA, in lieu of sodium fluoride) to maintain a feed of 0.7-1 ppm or mg/L. This practice is endorsed by the institutes of public health.

Would the precautionary principal* require our government to cease water fluoridation until further studies can be carried out to determine the effects of fluoride ingestion on the health of the public? Can you make a recommendation to me as to what may be done about this?

Per your three questions:

#1 Is it constitutional?

Is it constitutional to add a product to the water supply that is intended for the purpose of biologically impacting the human who will ingest it?

HFA is not added with intent to purify or treat the water coming into our homes. It is incredibly corrosive and according to my water department director, it eats through the brick and concrete of the water plant, corrodes metal and etches glass even when the fumes are only airborne.

#2 Can we afford it?

The product that is dripped into our water lines in Cynthiana is a product of Mosiac CO in Florida. It is a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer manufacture and is captured in wet scrubbers as mandated by the EPA to keep the pollutant from entering the air or groundwater.

Our city spends thousands of dollars to purchase this pollution and filter it through the kidneys of the people ingesting it. The history of how this came to be is eloquently outlined in the podcast at

The author who shares this information is a former US Navy Officer, Fullbright scholar and FBI analyst. I hope you take the time to listen.

#3 Finally, is it better handled on a state or local level?

The state of Kentucky is mandating this practice and in spite of Representative Mark Hart and Senator Steve West’s effort to sponsor legislation to make the practice controlled locally, the mandate continues as directed.

This communication is specifically to make you aware of this information and to ask you to guide me on next steps. We may intentionally be adding a substance to our water supply that is having a negative effect on our future generations, especially boys.

A neurotoxicant comparable to lead. What do we do next?

Is it within your authority to call for a moratorium on this practice pending further research? The above study is not the first to be completed with results that show neurological harm. In 2017 Bashash at al, reported similar findings

The National Research Council published “Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA’S Standards” which includes evidence of the risks of consuming fluoride and suggests that the EPA lower the maximum contaminant level of fluoride in drinking water. It was based on this that the Kentucky Division of Water lowered the amount of fluoride to be fed into the water.

Here is the link to that document.

I can provide you with more literature that outlines the risks of ingesting fluoride if necessary.

I am pleased that you represent me and will gladly continue to put your sign in my yard each election cycle. Please advise me further on this. I will accept any assistance you are willing to offer. I would like to know that you have received this communication and to know your personal response.

Sincerely Yours,

Cindi Batson RN, BSN

*Precautionary principle: when human activities may lead to morally unacceptable harm that is scientifically plausible but uncertain, actions shall be taken to avoid or diminish that harm. (Thomas Massie knows what this is. I, Sally Oh, did not until earlier this year. This definition is for those of us new to the term.)

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