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Want to be detained by a government employee for a rash or coughing too much? You will be unless we ALL protest this invasion by 10/14.

The CDC has written up a law to have you detained on a government employee’s word, then to endure forced vaccinations if you cough too much, have a rash, go to the bathroom too often, have a fever over 100 or any number of other suspicious symptoms.

You will be inspected any time you cross state lines.

No calls allowed to an attorney or family member.

Don’t worry: government employees, state and federal, will be “trained” to look for these suspicious symptoms and will only order you detained if you look sick, in their learned opinion.

If forced vaccinations are not okay with you, you must act now. Click here to comment — the comment process has been streamlined and is very simple!

Even if you are pro-vaccination, do you want a government employee, like a TSA agent, determining if you are sick and detaining you for 72 hours without due process?

Here’s Barbara Loe Fischer explaining the CDC’s new rule change and what gives a government agency the authority to dispense forced vaccinations:

ALSO: call your state reps and ask them where they stand on forced vaccination, then please tell me what they say. I’m making a list.

Here’s my comment #1k0-8rwc-k75d:

No, you may not protect me with your insane vaccines and dangerous ideas of healthcare.
Show us the science that proves vaccines are safe and/or effective. There are none that I can find.

Despite having an FDA (since 1906), a USDA (1862) and a CDC (1946), Americans are now fatter and sicker than we’ve ever been. One in 2 males and 1 in 3 females — of ALL ages — will get cancer in our lifetimes. Diabetes, auto-immune disease, autism, and many other diseases are skyrocketing among the population.

Doctor and hospital error is the 3rd leading cause of death.

You have not earned my trust to make decisions about any part of my healthcare. I own my body. I have the God-given right to refuse medical treatment.

Please share your comments below, I’d love to read them! And share this information with your friends and family, vaxxers and non-vaxxers alike.

This is an assault. Behave accordingly.

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