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Got a FB group? You definitely want to add Units to your Facebook group!!! I just discovered this feature and started using them in one of my groups. FABULOUS way to stay organized — I’m now using units in all my groups!

Once you add units to your Facebook group, you get to stop searching for information using the search bar (which can be overwhelming, especially in huge groups) — just click on the unit that has the info you need!

This is step by step how you add Units to your Facebook groups. It’s actually not hard, it can just can be confusing at first. One you get the hang of it, it’s quick!

Step 1: add Units to your Facebook group

Go to group settings. To get there, click the 3 dots next to “More” just under the cover photo.

Step 2

Choose Social Learning as the category. Choose Discussion as the landing page.

Step 3

Now scroll down to Sections and choose “Social Learning Units” — I think there are 3 choices at first.

Step 4

Look over to the left sidebar. If you see “Units”, click that. You may have to refresh the page or go back to your main page (click the Discussion tab), THEN you will see Units. Click that πŸ™‚

Step 5

Now you can create your units. A unit is like a file folder and all the posts inside it are the documents. Here’s an example of what a completed unit looks like:

Title your unit and write a description if you like. Then create the posts that will go in that unit. You’ll be able to put the posts in any order you like once they are all created.

NOTE: All the posts you create will show up on the Discussion page as well. At first this may cause a little confusion in the group so I’ve been writing a post before I start saying what I’m doing and that everyone will see a bunch of posts being created. They can follow along or ignore, and I will post again when I’m done. For this reason, I suggest creating your units in a “down” time for your group.

NOTE: you’ll find the new posts in two places: on the Discussion page and in the Units. Two things: a) when someone comments on a post in a Unit, that post will stay in its position in the unit but will jump to the top of the Discussion page just like any other post does when it gets a comment. And b) if you delete a unit, the posts will stay on the Discussion page. If you ever want to delete those, you have to delete them individually.


You can add any posts already in your group to a unit. Here’s how to do that: create the unit. Once that is created, click the Discussion tab, then scroll to the post you want to add. Click the 3 dots or down arrow at the top right of the post and you’ll see a new section at the bottom called “add to new unit”. Click the unit you want and BOOM, post is in the unit.

NOTE: the post will still stay in its position on the Discussion page. You can now find it in two places: on the Discussion page and in the Unit.

To rearrange posts in a Unit

Follow these 3 steps. There are actually 3 pics here. Click the far left one and you can scroll thru them:

To rearrange the Units

Follow these 2 steps. There are 2 pics here πŸ™‚

Those are the basics! When you have a question, comment below or contact me directly. My email and phone are at the top of every page. Text is best =/:-)

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