If you are taking a PPI (any Nexium-like pill that STOPS your stomach from making stomach acid), you are actually adding fuel to the fire. I know you FEEL better but you are making yourself SICKER in ways you can’t even imagine.

You are creating a perfect environment for uncontrolled weight gain, diabetes, malnutrition, pathogen & parasite proliferation, among MANY OTHER AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES.

The problem is not too much stomach acid!!! Did you know that there is only ONE disease that causes a person to have too much acid? And only one in a million people have it?

You are far far far more likely to have TOO LITTLE stomach acid, not too much!

Did you know that TOO LITTLE stomach acid causes reflux?

Because stomach acid is what tells the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) to close after a meal. Most people don’t have enough stomach acid to tell the LES to close which allows acid to travel back up the throat.

There are two ways to relieve the burning:

#1 Promote more stomach acid and better digestion with enzymes, bitters, acv, acids. These all signal your stomach to make more stomach acid to help digest your food and shut that LES.

#2 Quell the burn with baking soda, alkaline water, Pepto Bismal (don’t really suggest this) and the like.

Doing both is fine, you just wanna be clear on whether you are addressing top or bottom 🤗

Both of these relieve the symptoms but don’t cure the problem. The way to cure it is to do whatever works for you in the above, PLUS find the foods that trigger it. If you don’t address the food and fix the source, you’ll be doing all of the above for life and could still end up with unpleasant illnesses of the digestive tract, mouth to anus.

More info here: https://vitalityhealthworks.com/heartburn-drugs-are…/!

Here’s to #healthyliving2020!!! xoxo

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