At the dinner table, I’m an LCHF/P (Low Carb High Fat/Protein) gal. I really don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Salty, crunchy is my downfall. Still, a nice rich filling healthy dessert is a treat — especially when I know I’m not going to regret a second of it!!!

This is such a simple fix, too. Tastes like soft-serve blueberry ice cream and only 4 ingredients: Greek yogurt, heavy cream, stevia or xylitol to taste and frozen blueberries.

Fun to make, too! The 3yo grand girl loves to help make it and thinks it’s the best thing since chocolate protein muffins — I’ll be showing those next /=;-)

How to make my Healthy Dessert

What is your fav healthy dessert? Tell it in the comments!!


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