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When I’m not formally doing my 30 Days program, I like to eat as healthy and clean as possible. This is basically low carb and, for me, high protein and high good quality fats. On Sundays, I do a quick healthy food prep so I’ve got good food handy.

The 30 Days program (which I’m doing again, starting today) helps push my weight down because NO cheating 🙂 But when not formally on it, I’m able to maintain my healthy weight with the 80/20 rule: 80% healthy, 20%, um, otherwise.

Here are my steps, first the video, then the deets 🙂


I don’t mean mopped floor here. I mean keep ONLY clean foods in the house. If there’s a salted corn chip around, it finds its way into my mouth. Not sure how that happens… So no chips in the house!

My husband likes a little Haagen Daaz* at night. I have no problem with that. I’m not a sweets girl (but if I was, he’d have to move).

Here are two rules I follow that keep me eating healthy at home:

  1. Don’t keep foods you can’t keep away from in the house.
  2. DO keep plenty of healthy foods you like handy!!!

*I have found an excellent alternative to ice cream which he loves, too! I’ll do a video on that next!!!

My healthy food prep list


Have plenty of my Arbonne protein shake mix in stock. (Plenty because EVERYONE loves it!!!) It has 22 vitamins/minerals, non-GMO, vegan, cruelty free — certified everything you’d want in a food!

I use organic coconut milk as the base — this gives a richness and some good fat. Add 1/4 green banana (as long as they are green they are low-glycemic). I buy them as green as possible and put in the fridge. The outsides turn black but the inside is still delicious! And/or add 1/4 avocado for fat and to make it very thick.


I get pastured eggs from my farmer for $4-$6/dozen. When you compare a pastured egg and a conventional egg, you can actually see the nutrition!!!

The left ORANGE egg is pastured meaning the chickens live outside, as healthy as possible. The center egg is conventional: raised on GMO feed in a barn with thousands of other chickens never seeing the sun (that’s why they are cheap). The right egg is “organic” meaning the chicken (which still likely never saw the sun) was fed organic feed.

I  hard boil a dozen eggs to have peeled in the fridge. I can grab one with salt, maybe a little mayo or make egg salad with organic celery, a little onion salt — YUM!


I found a bag of organic celery stalks at Costco. Otherwise, I buy organic heads, available at Costco or Kroger (our local grocery chain). Celery is one of those foods, like apples, that you DEFINITELY want organic. Pesticides will seep into those babies and destroy your gut.


Sir Kensington mayo is the BEST, so good. No sweeteners in it, just avocado oil, pastured eggs, vinegar, salt pepper, lemon — just what you’d put in your home made mayo.

Did you know you can make mayo in one minute? YEP!!! See link below under Resources :)


Don’t eat soy anything! Soy is phytoestrogenic, 2 glasses of soymilk a day can affect your hormones and periods. Soy is NOT a healthy food. Even in Japan where they eat a lot of soy, it’s not gmo and it’s fermented in the form of natto. They don’t eat it like we do, as a filler in every processed food!!!

In the US, 95% of soy is genetically modified and it has been pushed on us for benefit of the commodities markets, not for health. Like grains (which are NOT heart healthy 🤔) and corn, canola, beets (the golden ones which are made into beet sugar).

Processed foods, unless stated otherwise, contains cheap fillers. These are cheap because they are subsidized by the government. Why are they subsidized? Solely to make them cheap. Why? BECAUSE NO ONE WOULD EAT THEM IF THEY WEREN’T CHEAP. Let that sink in.

No one would eat these foods because most of them are franken-foods and ALL are heavily sprayed with pesticides. If they weren’t hidden in processed foods, you wouldn’t eat them.

What are these hidden filler “foods”? Soy, corn, canola, and beets* are GMO: genetically modified organisms. Cane sugar and grains are not GMO (yet). However, ALL of these foods are CHEAP (because they are subsidized) and used as fillers in processed foods. They are also ALL heavily sprayed with glyphosate, Monsanto’s cancer-causing chemical in RoundUp.

Americans on the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) get a boatload of these poisons (literally) every single day.

*These are only the beets grown for sugar, not the red ones and not all of the yellow ones.


We eat Wild Planet tuna, it seems to be the “cleanest” and safest tuna. It can be high in mercury so we don’t eat it everyday. Two tbsps of tuna salad (mayo and celery, onion salt) in 1/2 an avocado is a delicious treat!

Did you know that tuna caught by net fishing (which is most conventional tuna) kills LOTS of other sea animals which are not eaten? Dolphins, fish… it’s not a sustainable way to fish. It’s just the cheapest way.


We buy whole broilers. I buy pastured chicken from my farmer. If you get at the grocery, try to get the cleanest you can — conventional grocery stores often have organic chicken (which means it was fed organic feed). Health food stores often have the cleanest if you don’t have farmers nearby.

I can cook a solidly frozen chicken in my Instant Pot in 45 minutes — I LOVE that! Then I bone it, toss the skin, bones, whatever I’m not eating back in the pot, add water and make broth. My exact process below under Resources!

Then I have a bowl of chicken meat for soup, salad, or just to grab a little and eat with salt. We almost always have chicken soup at the ready! PRO TIP: boil a little broth, drop two eggs in it to poach — egg drop soup, so good and good for you.

That’s how I do it. What healthy foods do you make ahead of time to have handy?


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