How to Get Started with TRS

Again, thank you for your TRS order. And congratulations on starting your detox journey!

Lots more info & resources at the bottom of this post /=:-)

Following is some basic information to help get you started. ANYTIME you have questions, ASK me. My phone and email are at the top of every page and helping people detox and return to health is what I do full-time. Don’t be shy!

TRS has been so helpful to us and I’d love to hear that you get relief from whatever health challenges you are wrestling with.

You should have received a confirmation email for your order. When your TRS ships, you will get another email with shipping information including tracking. You can also check the status of your order by logging in here:

Shipping usually takes 3 business days in the US and up to 10 business days for other countries. If you don’t see an email from Coseva, please be sure to check your junk folder as they sometimes do end up there.

Take care of yourself as you detox.

Make sure to drink plenty of fluids daily, exercise to keep the lymphatic system moving, get plenty of sunshine for vitamin D, plenty of rest as needed, keep bowels moving regularly, and listen to your body and adjust as needed. Detox is a marathon and not a sprint.


*We say “usage” instead of “dosing” to stay compliant with regards to the FDA.

The suggested daily usage rate is 5 sprays per day: 2 in the morning and 3 at night. It is also fine to do more than 5 sprays if desired.

Most people start with 1 spray/day and monitor symptoms and increase or decrease usage rates as needed. 1 spray = 4 drops in case you or your kids need to start even slower.

The following is an example schedule some families have followed:

  • First week: 1 spray nightly
  • Second week: 2 sprays daily: 1 morning, 1 at night
  • Third week: 5 sprays daily: 2 in the morning, 3 at night

Suggested usage rate according to age:

  • 0-6 months: 1/2 spray a day
  • 6-12 months: 1 spray a day
  • 1-2 years: start with 1 spray and can be increased to as many sprays as parents are comfortable with
  • 2 years and above to adult: consider starting with 1 spray and increasing to 5 sprays as comfortable

For babies with known heavy metal toxicity and acute symptoms, consider increasing sprays as tolerated and as comfortable

Some individuals report that TRS makes them too wakeful so they will do the 1st spray in the am, then the 2nd spray about 6 hours after that. (TRS leaves the body within 6 hours.) Perfectly fine!

If you are on FB, I’d love to add you to our group. There are over 65,000 people in there, very well moderated and can be very helpful and encouraging. May I add you? You can text me at my number above left!

Again, I am very excited for your detox journey. Please be patient — many of us (including my husband and I) did not see results until the 6 month mark! I hope you experience the remarkable gains many of us have!

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