Did you know that, if you need to supplement magnesium (and who doesn’t?), you can make magnesium oil at home? It’s fast, easy and cheap!

After years of mono-cropping (mostly with GMO seed), combined with heavy use of pesticides and herbicides, our soil is in such bad shape these days that our food no longer contains the nutrients we think they do.

Organic farming and rotational grazing are working hard to turn that around, but we aren’t there yet. As a result, we humans are uniformly deficient in magnesium, a critical element for wellness.

‘Nuff said, mag oil is a staple around here. Now you can make magnesium oil practically for free: $11 will cover your use for well over 6 months at 1 tsp a day (1 tsp = 600 mg). Frugal bio-hackers, unite!

Why Mag Oil and not Mag Supplements?

The problem with taking magnesium orally is that it is hard on the bowels.* You have to build up tolerance, then maintain it. If you skip your oral mag for a few days, you have to start over with the titration and build up tolerance again.

*Of course, if you are constipated, magnesium is the go-to. Lots of people drink MoM to both get mag and stay regular.

Mag OIL, on the other hand, isn’t hard on your bowels at all. You rub it on, it absorbs transdermally and skips your digestive system altogether.

How to Make Magnesium Oil:

Mix 1 cup of mag chloride and 1 cup of filtered water in a mason jar and swirl every few minutes. Within 30 minutes or so, the flakes are dissolved. That’s it: you’ve got mag oil. Two cheap ingredients, two simple steps — it’s that fast and easy!

If you want to add MSM to the mix (I do), use this organic MSM. I add 2 g of MSM per fl oz.

Some people heat the water to mix. You can, I don’t see how it will hurt, but I never have. It mixes fine without heat and never settles. Once mixed, it stays mixed.

Where to Buy Magnesium Chloride Flakes

There are two kinds of mag chloride used to make magnesium oil: edible (“food grade”) and non-edible. The edible is double in price but still way affordable.

How to Take Magnesium Oil

1 tsp = 600 mg and that’s our dose. Use more or less as suits you. Your body does not hold onto mag, excess leaves your body via the usual pathways.

I keep mine in a 4 oz dropper bottle: one by my bed and one in the kitchen. As I’m getting into bed, I rub 1/2 tsp (about 1/2 a dropper-full) on the bottom of each foot (so 1 tsp total).

Mag oil has an oily feel, but it soaks in and dries, sometimes leaving a powder residue. As long as 20-30 minutes have passed, you can wipe this off.

buy the dropper bottles here or at a local health food store. Btw, any color bottle will work. I just like blue 🙂

On Spray Bottles

I used to use a spray bottle but they get clogged up too quickly. Feh.

If you prefer spraying, you’ll need to test your sprayer to see how many sprays it takes to fill a teaspoon. Sprayers are not all equal in how much fluid they eject, due to the size of the nozzle hole and tubing.

About Mag Oil Itching

If I haven’t used my mag oil for a few days and spray on any fatty tissue (inner thighs, my tiny love handles), it will itch and maybe give me a burning sensation. It’s not bad and I just ignore it.

If you get itching/burning that is too much to ignore, here are some recommendations I have heard about but have not tried:

  • Add a little MSM to the oil, or make a mixture of half mag oil/half DMSO, (from which MSM is is made). This makes an even “oilier” consistency. Plus, you gain the benefits of sulfur supplements at the same time.
  • Once the mag oil has dried, you can rub in coconut oil or aloe to soothe the itch.
  • Start slow and work your way up to full dose.

When to Take Mag Oil?

Just before bed is best for me. Magnesium is very relaxing and helps me fall sleep and stay asleep. Silvie has a great write up on magnesium and sleep here. Good, cheap, reliable and very healthy!

Some people say mag oil actually energizes them, so they take in the am. Just a head’s up, if this happens to you, you aren’t the only one!

Have you made mag oil? Do you add anything to it? How does it work for you?


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