Click here for an updated post on the Zelenko protocol using HCQ.

It’s definitely upside down year here in the U.S. The HCQ protocol — HCQ + zinc + zpack — is being used successfully around the world to CURE CV. It’s being used successfully in the U.S. in states that haven’t banned it

It works and there’s no denying it.

Mention of it is banned on Facebook (this post was banned on FB), Twitter & YouTube. The videos listed here were banned on YouTube and are turning up on BitChute.

Here’s what the experts outside the mainstream are saying…

Videos (in order of most recent)

7/30/20 America’s Voice on HCA

7/28/20: Frontline Docs, 2nd press conference: HERE ON TWITTER (This will probably be taken down from twitter but I will follow and find. I’m relentless like that /=;-)

7/27/20 Frontline Docs speak out HERE ON BITCHUTE & HERE ON BREITBART. It’s been removed from Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. Frontline Docs transcript here

07/2020 Dr. Zelenko on The Highwire with Del Bigtree on BitChute (banned on YouTube)

6/18/20 Dr. Simone Gold & Yale-trained Dr. Daniel Wohlgelernter on the demonization of HCQ

05/2020 Dr. Berg on Hydroxy vs Remdesivir

07/2003 Watch Dead Zone’s Season 2 Episode 14 “The Plague” on Amazon

Articles & Studies

YES, unless he watched Dead Zone in 2003, Fauci has known since at least 2005 that HCQ cures Covid.

Other Treatments

Budesonide (steroid inhaler)

Why is this info being so diligently suppressed?

FB said they banned my post because “people could be harmed”… What? By a drug that’s been used successfully for 65 years and has never harmed anyone? I find this fishy and disturbing.

We have data now. Excellent reliable data from around the world. We know:

  •  the overall death rate is akin to seasonal flu
  • deaths continue to plummet
  • over half the deaths were in nursing homes
  • over half the deaths were clustered among 7 states (which brings the death rate even lower in the rest of the states)
  • almost everyone who died had at least one co-morbidity
  • the virus is weakening see link below + millions of cases, very little death )
  • we have a reliable treatment.

All is right in the world, y’all. Time to get off the fear wagon. xoxo

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