Take Back Your Health.

You know that worrisome health problem that just won’t go away?

Why not find and fix it at the root? Quite possibly for good.

If you want to regain lost energy and vitality, to lose weight and keep it off, stop joint pain, gain strength and flexibility, to look and feel your best, let’s do that.

Millions have done it. I did it. You can, too!

As a lifestyle medicine practitioner, my job is to help you take back your perfect health.

What is a “lifestyle medicine practitioner”?

The practice of lifestyle medicine is focused on finding the root cause of your health concerns, then working with you to repair those malfunctions using only natural methods.

You can get well again!That means no drugs, no surgery, no invasive medical procedures.

To uncover the root cause of your health concerns, we start with a 30 minute consultation. You’ll describe your health challenges, then we talk about your options for resolving them.

If you are up for it, we may take advantage of lab tests: hair, spit, urine, blood, and/or stool. The results along with your detailed health history and description of symptoms, will guide your healing, putting you squarely on the path to vibrant health.

Just to be clear, I am not a doctor. I don’t diagnose or treat a specific illness. I don’t prescribe drugs. Nor do I work to suppress symptoms and call it a day.

You and I will note your symptoms, then take effective steps to relieve them asap. Feeling poorly is no way to live. But we don’t stop there. Symptoms are only part of the big picture.

Because Feeling well is not Being well.

Conventional medicine almost always stops at symptom suppression: get rid of the symptom, feel better, the disease must be gone, right?

^ ^ ^ That assumption could not be more inaccurate or more dangerous!

While we are happy to be feeling better, if the root cause is not thoroughly addressed, what’s still happening in your body?

Exactly. The gremlins are still about their dirty work and, sooner or later, symptoms will re-appear. Worse, they often surface as a different, more complicated ailment altogether!

We all know someone who…

  • felt good right up to being diagnosed with stage # cancer?
  • Or “suddenly” hit with an auto-immune disease: joint pain, arthritis, fatigue?
  • Who starts losing eyesight or hearing “out of the blue”?
  • Cannot get relief from persistent and painful UTIs that started up with no warning?
  • Can’t remember someone’s name or gets confused navigating familiar territory?
  • Begins having GERD, bloating, gas after eating with no prior digestion issues?
  • Suddenly has allergies to foods and/or animals?

It’s a big list and here’s why:

Disease develops.

We don’t “catch” fatigue or cancer or UTIs. The conditions in our bodies that promote disease have been there for awhile. If you are not feeling your best, whatever is causing that current discomfort did not begin when you started feeling unwell! It’s been developing for awhile, sometimes weeks, months, and often years.

Here’s the miracle of lifestyle medicine:

You can get well again!You can get well again.

With a little patience and time — yes, you have time — you can return to vibrant health. It requires only commitment to the process.

If you have that commitment, you are halfway there and I’m not kidding. EVERYBODY wants perfect health. Many are not willing to go the distance.

In fact, most have felt unwell for so long, it feels normal! Normal does not equal healthy. Look around you. Most of those unhealthy-looking people feel normal. I sure did. But I was far far from a well woman!

That was then — I am healthy now and I’ve got the lab tests and vitality to prove it! Now it’s your turn.

Are you ready to be well?

You are reading this with at least one specific health complaint in mind, looking for relief. I can help you get relief AND recovery!

Here’s how I work:

Sessions are 30-45 min. and are recorded. You get the audio recording right after the call so you don’t have to take copious notes (unless you want to).

We’ll use Zoom (zoom.us, free app on your phone or use your desktop). We can talk via video or just audio, whichever suits you.

Here’s how I charge:

I don’t.

That’s right. I don’t charge for my time. I used to but not anymore. Nobody wants to pay for time with a consultant before seeing results — I don’t either.

I make my living promoting safe and effective supplements, detox agents, nutrition products and programs, and personal care products. Think of me as a full-time customer service rep for the products I promote.

And most of my products come with a money-back guarantee. Let’s talk about that if you are anxious about trying something new.

Everybody takes supplements because we know we must. In this day and age, the soil ain’t what she used to be and we are not getting the nutrients our bodies require for health from our food.

Not only that, we are surrounded by toxins in our soil, water, air (pollution, EMFs, 3-5G), medications, low-quality supplements, drugstore personal care products, furnishings, construction materials, our food.

I’ve been researching health topics and supplements off and on since 1982, full-time since 2006. If you want to know the safest, most effective and efficient use of your health dollar, talk to me.

Here are the supplements I take. The list is ever evolving — we live in exciting times as far as improving health! My supplements and clean diet have kept me vital and at the top of my game.

Let’s get you there, too.

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