Some of my Arbonne clients as well as other independent consultants have asked me about the ketone supplements that are all the rage these days.

So I did a video for them on the basics and what I know so far. I’m including it here in case you all have questions, too!

DISCLAIMER: More research is being done ALL THE TIME on ketones, the keto diet and supplementation. I keep up as best I can!

Here is the post I reference in the video:

Are Ketone Supplements Bad?

I’m not against ketone supplements at all — they just didn’t work over the long term for me. Nor did the keto diet. I know LOTS of people who have done very well on both.

The biggest downside to the keto diet for me is that it’s just too restrictive! Going VLC (Very Low Carb) makes dining difficult, especially eating out. Keto works best when you are in ketosis all the time. Dinner with friends can wreck that in a couple of bites. I’m just not disciplined enough!!!

The biggest downside to a ketone supplement (for me) is that it’s unrealistic to think I’m going to drink the drink forever. I have yet to find any supplement that is “wholistic”, meaning it includes all of you, offering lifestyle recommendation, education on eating healthy foods. Then there are the ingredients which, in most of them, are not what you’d call healthy.

This is the main reason I’m so passionate about Arbonne: CLEAN. I know the food and products I’m eating/using are not adding to my toxic load! In fact, the nutrition is lessening my toxic load. I’m so good with that!

keto diet vs ketone supplements

Now, the keto diet is fantastic and can be very healing for some conditions (although Arbonne has gotten all the same results for many people)!

Check out the movie “The Magic Pill” on Netflix — the focus is on keto but the information is fantastic for anyone looking for good nutrition info!

Let me know what you know or what you’ve read — I’m always up for new learnin’!!!