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We’ve been taking this for several years, since I discovered it while researching health topics when we lived in Costa Rica. Crazy awesome times that.

This is just a quickie post to describe the basics on LDN! To learn about the other supplements we take and why, click here.



Place your order, LDN is aka Naltima. Just follow the prompts and when you get to the “upload prescription” section, answer the questions (I think it asks if you smoke and a couple of other things), then just don’t upload a prescription and carry on.

I’ve been ordering from alldaychemist for at least 10 years. I’ve used credit cards and my checking account and bitcoin, never a problem. They will call you and get your credit card over the phone if you want.


LDN means Low Dose Naltrexone. The suggested does is up to 4.5 mg. You have to buy it in 50 mg pills so here’s how to turn that 50mg pill into 11 servings of 4.5 mg!

Put 50ml of water* (distilled is best) and one 50mg Naltrexone tablet in a small bottle and let it dissolve (shake, it dissolves pretty fast).

If you don’t have a baby syringe that measures in mls (available in any drugstore), then 50ml is about 3 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon of water.

Now each ml of water in that bottle contains 1 mg of Naltrexone.

At bedtime, shake the bottle, take a desired dose (no more than 4.5ml which is just about a tsp).

BE AWARE: You may experience sleeplessness the first few nights. Took us about 2 weeks to get over that, hated that part but now no problem. We cut the dose WAY back at the beginning, like 1/8 tsp and worked our way up to a full dose.

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