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Honeybees are essential to human life. No bees > no food > no humans.

To allow bees to perish as though they were inconsequential is a huge mistake. Many civilizations throughout history have literally disappeared over a single agricultural mistake. Let’s not make killing off the bees or soaking the earth in glyphosate ours.


More than 1/3 of the commercial US bee colonies were wiped out last winter (2018-19)

Bees are killed mostly by PESTICIDES, followed by diseases from parasites, habitat loss, industrial agricultural practices.

Honeybees need BIODIVERSITY, as in other plants nearby so they aren’t just pollinating almonds. CA’s almond industry is a monoculture. Besides being heavily sprayed, bees cannot thrive in a monoculture. Kinda like us.✌️

Sending bees to a conventional almond plantation is like sending them to war. Many don’t come back.

Almonds are doused with greater absolute quantities of pesticides — MOSTLY GLYPHOSATE (ROUNDUP) — than any other CA crop.

CONFIRMED: colony collapse disorder is caused primarily by pesticides. Big Ag tried for years to say it ain’t so. But it is.

Anderson Almonds is a small ORGANIC BIODIVERSE CA almond farm. Beekeepers bring their hives to his farm to get well!

Buy ONLY organic almonds & almond products

Buy honey from your local beekeepers. Use Costco’s or Kroger’s or Amazon’s honey as a last resort (and make sure it’s raw and actually honey, not corn syrup & dye.

Support the Bee Better Certification https://beebettercertified.org

Y’all, if what the bees eat and how they live their lives make a difference in their health, don’t you think it makes a difference in our human bodies? #healthyliving2020

ARTICLE: https://www.theguardian.com/…/honeybees-deaths-almonds…

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