The entire world has gone #coronacrazy with #coronaphobia. People are terrified, they think millions have died, glued to their TVs, wearing masks and stepping back in horror when they see you without a mask. Yeah, that’s happened to me a few times. I refuse to wear a mask and never will again.

People remain terrified — DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE DATA SHOWS THERE IS NO NEED TO BE — because they are unwilling to

  • engage in critical thinking
  • change their minds
  • look past Trump/Biden to see the truth of what is happening here
  • take a look at vaccine truth
  • turn off their TVs
  • believe for an instant that perhaps Bill Gates, TV personalities & politicians are not working in their best interests.
Harsh but true.

New Normal: Masks & Vaccines

If you want to push back against the tyrannical “new normal”, join me at Make Americans Free Again (MAFA). Click the red “Join Us” button! It’s free, non-partisan, sign up with your name and location. I want you ALL to join with me!

PS. Your address is needed so you can be organized by your voting district.


Here’s what it is and why I’m so excited about it.


MAFA is collecting names & location info from millions of Americans. The endgame is to have voter blocs large enough to actually scare legislators into doing our bidding. 50 phone calls here and there on a topic have not made a significant difference. We do it, but legislators basically point and laugh, as evidenced by their ACTIONS.

In KY, 1000 phone calls/emails would actually make a difference to a local legislator. Heck, with local rulers in my tiny KY county, 100 calls would have an effect!! Imagine a million calls/emails to Congress on a topic? THAT would get and hold their attention far more than any protest.

MAFA’s focus today is mandatory/coerced vaccination. For 2 reasons:

  1. Because that’s coming and once we lose body sovereignty, it’s OVER. It doesn’t matter if gov agents are holding you down and jabbing you, or incentivizing/scaring airlines, businesses, agencies, etc. into doing it for them.
  2. Keep it simple so even politicians understand what we are demanding. One issue this time. Once we’ve beat them, we have clout.

If we intend to stop this madness without violence, we must scare our legislators into compliance just like they’ve done with us. We MUST show them we mean business.

Go here Make Americans Free Again (MAFA) and click the red “Join Us” button!


MAFA is also organizing attorneys in every state to file lawsuits against legislators and health department employees. Said lawsuits have already started. OHIO & NEW MEXICO have lawsuits in progress suing their governors to prove there is a state of emergency.

THE FORCE BEHIND MAFA is the inspiration of Dr. Pam Popper who I’ve been following since March on the plandemic. She is a naturopathic doctor, lives in Ohio (Worthington), has been in the health business for over 2 decades, and is a force with a prolific YouTube channel.

Her business partner is Peter Breggin, famous for his exposés of the psychiatric industry. I followed him long before I knew of her.

SIGN UP NOW. Like Click Here NOW.

Will this happen? Not unless we participate. I’ve been watching Pam long enough to know that, if anyone can manage this, SHE can. IMO, this is the only action that will make a difference now.

Pam hosts several conference calls a week. If you want to join in, go to and scroll down to the call section. You can register, get a link to join. You can also listen to past calls. They are all on the same topic. Watch her 10 min video at the top, too!

In the meantime, sign up. It won’t hurt you and could make all the difference! If we’re going to all be in something together, let’s make it a return to the old normal. Only better… with citizens in charge.

PS. Please share with your like-minded friends no matter where they are in the US. We need ALL hands on deck.

PSS. You won’t get a confirmation email from MAFA or any emails until there is something to do. Hang tight, speak out. xoxoxo

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