Yesterday was my 55th birthday — YAY!!!!! During the last week I was in San Juan de Dios, the head nurse of my ward, Ester, had her 55th birthday. She was so happy. I told her I was 54. She looked at me with a smile and said (in Spanish, which, I’ll have you know, I understood): “I’ll bet all you want is to turn 55.” You got that right. Almost dying permanently changes your perspective on a lot of things. Like getting older. Now, I can’t WAIT. What a blessing.

The Coffee Thing: I am no longer addicted to coffee and not a headache at all during the short and sweet process. Of course, I am now addicted to green tea. Love it. I’m drinking one cup in the morning, with sometimes one in the afternoon just for warmth. Because it’s freezing here: in the 50s in the morning, warms up to 62 in the day. This is as close to freezing as we’ve been in almost 35 years. I can hardly believe it will get even colder.

Salmon Heaven, I kid you not: Hal made salmon the other night — we heart salmon: full of omega 3s and delicious! Wild-caught Alaskan, $8/pound. The farmed is $6/pound but you are getting the antibiotics and hormones.

Plus now, watch out: they have GMO salmon. Those greedy bio-tech companies (thanks, Monsanto, for your ground-breaking scientists), working overtime to poison our food supply. No health benefits, just risk, but big profits. That’s all that matters, right?

But this ain’t GMO and it’s delicious! Here’s the recipe:

Generous pour of olive in bottom of pan, lightly fry up some* garlic and chopped ginger.

Place the salmon skin side down in the oil, med. heat, put fried garlic and ginger on top, splash of MSG-free soy sauce and cover. Cook for about 15 minutes, till it’s cooked all the way through. We like it a little rare: cook till it’s done enough for you.

Salmon comes in a slab and you can cook it that way. Hal cut this one up into chunks. This was a $25 piece and lasted the four of us two days. Here’s the exciting less-than-2-minute movie:

Buen provecho! You’ll find this recipe and lots (like 50) other real food recipes from different bloggers over at Kelly the Kitchen Kop. If you like cooking real food (or eating it, like me), check out Kelly’s blog!

*By “some”, I mean whatever amount you want. We used a head of garlic and a big chunk of fresh ginger. In fact, add in any spices you like with your salmon. If you’ve never tried it, salmon and ginger were made for each other – yummy!


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