UPDATED 12/20/19

My first ghee experience was with my Key West friend Hansa. OMG, I had to learn how to make ghee!!!

This clear, oily, buttery condiment is served with every meal for the naan.

I may have mentioned that when I’m in Key West, I somehow always find myself around her neck of woods at lunchtime. It’s uncanny. I don’t think I land there on purpose… it’s subconscious, really.

I just know that, if you’d ever eaten at Hansa’s, trust me, you’d slink around there, too. She’s a fantastic cook and, oh my goodness, the smells, the spices, the flavors. I could move right in. (I think her family was afraid I might!)

Hansa making something wonderful that she will serve with ghee!!!

The Mysterious Golden Liquid

On one of my first visits, she brushed a mysterious golden oily liquid from a silvery container onto my homemade naan. (Just so you know, everything at Hansa’s house is mysterious.) It was soooo delicious.

As usual, I asked her what I was eating and, as usual, she looked at me like I just landed from the moon. “Ghee,” she replied. When I stared at her blankly (as usual), she said, “Butter.”

She keeps forgetting I’m a girl from fried-chicken-and-mashed-potatoes country living (at that time) on a bacon-egg-and-cheese-on-Cuban-toast island. How would I know from “ghee”?

Hansa always has ghee to go with the naan to scoop up the chickpeas and spinach and soups and chutneys and yogurts and pickles… I can never remember what the actual names of any of the foods are. I just know I can’t stay away from it! I must have been Indian in a former life. Gotta be. Thank you, Hansa, for introducing me to ghee. I am forever grateful.

Imagine my delight, when we went off to Costa Rica and stumbled onto the WAPF way of eating, to discover that Dr. Price deems butter a superfood. Perfecto! I started making ghee immediately, and it couldn’t be easier.

Why Ghee?

Ghee is great for cooking because, since there are no milk solids to burn, it has a higher smoking point than butter and doesn’t allow food to stick quite as much. Cook with it, eat it on toast, in oatmeal, anything really. When we have ghee around, we almost never eat plain butter! We ❤❤❤ the flavor! Yummy.

Here’s How to Make Ghee

Put two pounds of unsalted butter (or salted, salted makes the ghee a little gritty but not bad at all) in a small stainless saucepan.

We use raw butter because we have a local farmer who makes it for us — so good!!! If we didn’t have that, we’d use the highest quality butter we could get!

Melt the butter on medium high heat. When it starts bubbling, turn it down to medium low and simmer till the top gets crusty and the butter is no longer yellow, but golden. You can even let it go till it gets a little toasty brownish. That’s how I like it, really.

On our gas stove, this takes about 40 minutes. I set my timer for 10 minute intervals and check it often.

Below are the cooked milk solids in the bottom of the pan, all of which you are discarding. The left picture is the bottom of a pan after the ghee is cooked enough. The right photo is how I like mine: “burned” or toasty!

Once it’s cooked and while still hot, I strain into a quart canning jar (perfect fit!) and let it cool.

I used to strain thru a coffee filter and that still works. You have do this while the butter is still very hot because once it starts to cool, it clogs up the filter. Since all the butter won’t fit in the filter at one time, this requires standing and pouring while it strains. And it strains slowly.

Then I began using a muslin bag — this is the one I have which will work great if you already have one. I don’t use it for ghee anymore but I still use mine for my Instant Pot Yogurt.

However, for ghee, I now use a cotton coffee sock which is the perfect size and SO EASY!

With a bag/sock, you pour all at once, no standing and waiting. Boom!

BE CAREFUL. Boiling butter is freaking HOT!!!! Haha, ironically, the best thing for a burn is cold butter!

I used to put the canning jar into an extra pan while pouring just in case the canning jar broke. I’m just paranoid: these canning jars are made to be boiled so the chance of breakage is slim to none. And I’ve never broken one.

What you have left after straining is pure butter oil, ghee, the superfood fat! We leave it on the counter all the time. In a hot kitchen, it will stay liquid; in cooler climes, it hardens just like butter.

A quart lasts us about a month. When there are no flies around, we leave it with the top off and a spoon in it, ready to go!

Is it Clarified or Is it Ghee?

Lots of sites equate ghee and clarified butter. But, to me, clarified butter is just melted so you can dip your lobster in it πŸ™‚

According to my co-WAPF chapter leaders, ghee is clarified butter cooked longer so the milk solids begin to caramelize and can be strained out. It also has a longer shelf life.

In Ayurvedic practices, ghee is considered healthier than butter. It’s used as a digestive aid.

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