Here's what I did to reverse hair loss
Got hair loss? I did, too. Here’s what I did to reverse hair loss!

Last July, my hair was falling out by the handfuls!!! It is hugely depressing to see a sink/tub drain full of YOUR hair. This had happened once before, back in 2010 — I had actual BALD spots back then!!!

There’s an excellent chance you can reverse this. Give a listen, only 4 minutes:

For the details on how to reverse hair loss, download this free pdf. I used 2 different simple, affordable protocols (pdf explains why) for the two different episodes. Both worked beautifully — one may very well work for you!!!


If you have diagnosed alopecia, add Hepar Sulphuris Calcarcum 1M in liquid to the recommended Ustilago (on the pdf). When ordering Hepar Sulph, you have to specify amount (I’d get the 30ml size) and potency (1M).

Then take one dose (4 drops under tongue) once a week. You’ll also take the Ustilago twice per day (am and pm if fine) rather than once per day.

My pdf instructions say to take for “many months”. That means at least 3 months, which is how long it took me.

This alopecia protocol is from page 46 of the Banerji protocol book. I depend this book. We have used homeopathy for both chronic and acute ailments at our house and it has never failed us. Literally awesome to have such a reliable, affordable medicine handy.

reverse hair loss with homeopathy


One more tip: make sure you are getting high quality protein. EGGS are a simple, affordable way to do this. Pastured eggs from healthy chickens fed organic (or at least non-soy, non-GMO) feed are a superfood!!! We eat LOTS around here.

If eggs are not your thing, I drink an amazing protein shake every day with balanced amino acids and 20g of certified vegan protein, 23 vitamins & minerals, paleo & keto-friendly, only $2/meal, OMG-DELICIOUS and filling! (It helped me lose and keep off 35 pounds for over 2 years.)

reverse hair loss with vegan protein from Arbonne
To see ingredients, go here and scroll to the “Meet the Product” pdf. PS. Your price is the PC (Preferred Client) price 🙂 Let me know if you want to order, I can help you get the best price!

Your entire body is made of protein. It’s responsible for movement, for structure, for enzymes and genes to work effectively and efficiently. DON’T SKIMP ON YOUR PROTEIN, y’all!!!

Clean Healthy Shampoo

Hair loss, like most other health issues, is 99% an inside job. That’s why detox + clean nutrition is such a healing combo!!!

That said (about the inside job), you don’t want to ADD toxins to your body via your scalp!!! Every chemical you put ON your body goes IN your body and can be in your bloodstream within 26 seconds. And MOST of these chemicals cross the blood brain barrier!

This is not good, as you can imagine. Shampoos are notorious for crappy cheap ingredients which = TOXINS.

For toxin-free hair care, I use and recommend our True Hair shampoo and conditioner (link goes to all of our hair products). True Hair shampoo actually chelates toxins out of your hair* and leaves it super clean.

*FYI, I have dyed hair and this does not affect the color.

SPECIAL SET: Right now (December 2019) we have a fantastic set for gift-giving that gives you the shampoo, conditioner and the amazing Replenishing Hair Mask for an additional 20% off the PC prices! Click the graphic below for details on that:

reverse hair loss with true hair shampoo
Again, let me know if you want to order so I can make sure you get the best deal! My phone & email are at the top of every page.

Let me know how the hair loss protocols worked for you — feedback is how we learn and grow, thank you! If what worked for me doesn’t work for you, let me know that, too, particularly with the homeopathy. I have other resources and remedies if the “first line” remedy does not work.

And if you have other tips and tricks for reversing hair loss, please share those, too. Dr. Google doesn’t know everything… =/;-)

PS. Persevere, ya’ll. Love you, thank you for being on the ride with me!!!

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