Shaken Baby Syndrome... does it exist?In 2009, I wrote a vaccination screed at Last year, it was updated for Nourishing Liberty. It’s an encyclopedia of damning vaccine information, so of course quite long. And there’s more out there.

You can find the post here:

It includes a link to a story about a man, Sean O’Geary, who was convicted of Shaken Baby Syndrome in 1998: of killing his girlfriend’s 2yo by shaking her and scrambling her brain. He was sentenced to life without parole. He was 21.

Sean and his supporters, however, are convinced that a vaccine scrambled her brain. You can read Sean’s story here:

Of course, Sean is not the only one in jail for this. There are many, many, many others.

Like everyone else on the planet, I didn’t doubt that Shaken Baby Syndrome was a killer of infants and toddlers. It seemed perfectly logical.

At the same time, I had learned enough about vaccines to believe those could be the culprit at least some of the time, even though I didn’t understand the mechanics of either.

The Syndrome Movie explains it simply and exactly. You can watch the trailer here:

You will learn as I did why shaken baby syndrome is only possible under a certain set of circumstances, circumstances which have never been present in any of the convictions!!!

What is causing Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Many doctors, scientists and researchers also believe it to be vaccines.

What’s the Matter With Kids Today?

That age old question has been asked by every generation since time began. Paul Lynde and Dick Van Dyke ask it in Bye Bye Birdie. The dads in The Fantastiks attempt an answer. Those were the days of innocence. I remember them!

Today, the answer is much more sinister. Today, our trusted leaders are allowing our kids to be physically neutralized with vaccines and psychiatric drugs, by shutting out alternative medicines and healing arts, and by financially promoting and protecting GMOs.

Our kids are being mentally and emotionally neutralized with commercial groupthink, by the preaching and demanding of unthinking obedience to government authority (to keep them safe, ironically), and by CPS still being allowed to rip families apart with no accountability.

Not to paint too grim a picture.

Here’s the good news.

The tide is turning and The Syndrome movie is a brilliant example of this. Thanks to the internet, more and more of us are waking up to the modern and very real dangers facing our kids today.

And thanks to the immoral actions of government officials, these dangers are facing our kids in their own homes to boot! But, heck, this is the good news section!

As has been demonstrated time and again throughout history, it takes only a small minority of committed individuals to effect change. And it’s looking like a tipping point has been reached. The evidence is everywhere.

  • The Weston A Price Foundation has grown from a tiny start-up in Sally Fallon Morrell’s kitchen to an international organization promoting the ideas of real food, nutrient-dense farming and the healing arts!
  • And now this movie which is bound to break “shaken baby syndrome” wide open! This could in turn break open the vaccine industry, as well! (Yes, hope springs eternal.)

Truly, all that’s left is for us to stand firm, continue to speak out, share information like crazy and continue educating our friends and families.

Please watch the trailer and share it: This film will make a huge difference in our kids’ futures simply by exposing the lies!

“Speak up, speak often and don’t worry about those that at this point cannot understand, as they can never un-hear what we tell them.” ~ Ron Paul

What clues do you see that we’ve reached the tipping point, that the odds are leaning more and more on the side of truth?

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shaken baby syndrome -- does it exist?

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