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Well, there are no good statin facts, actually. Zero.

Seriously, if you are taking statins, you’ve been conned. Not about whether they work to lower cholesterol — they sure do that. Too well.

The con is that anyone needs to lower cholesterol at all!!! Without cholesterol, you’d die. Not only that, your brain and your hormones won’t work without it. Your hormones drive EVERYTHING good in your body. Ask your doct— no wait, he’s the idiot who prescribed statins in the first place.

Here’s a good test. Ask your doctor what was the last research paper s/he read on statins and cholesterol. If it was the flawed 2005 China Study or any study less recent than 2014, they need to do a little catch-up.

Meanwhile, experts on the other side of the cholesterol debate — experts who either don’t benefit from pharmaceutical sales or are smart enough to do their own research and have learned the truth — these experts say that high cholesterol is only possibly a detriment for SOME males over 65. Possibly.

The entire notion that cholesterol contributes to heart disease is based on that ancient China Study, which has been so thoroughly and scientifically debunked, I’m surprised anyone wearing a lab coat could speak the cholesterol lie with a straight face. But they do which is why it’s so important for anyone with “high” cholesterol learn the truth for themselves!!!

Learning the truth about cholesterol and statins will require a little of your time. On the plus side, it could very well save your life. IMO (and the Os of lots and lots of experts, including doctors), you will definitely be healthier with high cholesterol than with low. Let me prove it to you.

The Weston A Price Foundation has been at the forefront of debunking the cholesterol/China Study lie based on Dr. Price’s groundbreaking work and book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. You don’t have to read this* to learn the truth, I just wanted you to know the most credible basis for other research and study on cholesterol.

*If you do want to read it, do that for free here or buy the book on Amazon.

Here are my favorite resources presenting verifiable facts about cholesterol and statin drugs:

Movies and YouTube

On the China Study

Articles & Sites

Lots to read, yes, but if you want to live, I’d read them. Not to put too fine a point on it, lol.

My grandmother died at 96 with cholesterol well into the 300s. She ate fresh fish with butter and lemon every night for most of her life. So I’m gonna continue eating fat and cholesterol with abandon until I can see a credible reason to stop.