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We’ve all been there: life is wonderful, you are healthy, great social life… then out of the blue, you smell so bad, only your dog will hang out with you!

My husband and I almost never wear deodorant (and NEVER EVER anti-perspirant!!!) We don’t normally smell at all. When we do, here’s the cure.

Let me know what helps you (or your teenage son)!

Thank you for watching! I hope you find this helpful 🙂

Following are links to the products I mention in the video. If you are interested in the Arbonne products, let me know and I can show you how to get the best deal!

My homemade electrolyte/adrenal cocktail:

You can make “mag water” pretty cheaply from seltzer water and MoM — scroll down in this article to the link:

PLEASE NOTE: Neither AC or Clay is a detoxer or chelator on its own! They both gather up toxins and heavy metals that have been disturbed and ARE ALREADY IN THE DIGESTIVE TRACT but it is not likely that they will do the disturbing on their own. Neither clay nor AC leaves the digestive tract so that is the ONLY place they can grab any toxins. Just FYI on that. (If you have heavy metal toxicity, I’ll be doing a live on an excellent safe and gentle detoxer later this week!)


Not word for word but these are my basic notes 🙂

Stinky pits come from either a food or your body is detoxing something (maybe you started the detox on purpose or it was spontaneous).

  1. Drink more plain water — this is required for washing away any detox residue
  2. Up your magnesium
  3. Hydrate with electrolytes/minerals — I believe besides water, our electrolyte/mineral imbalance is out of control. I drink Arbonne’s hydration probably 3 days out of 7.
  4. Can add a little salt to your water. REAL SALT! Not “kosher” or “sea” (because all salt is sea salt) but REAL by Redmond. Or Himalyan. You want unbleached, untampered with salt, so it still contains all the minerals
  5. Detox the pits with activated charcoal & Bentonite Clay. Mix a little in your hand and add either water or ACV* to make a paste (*Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother — Bragg’s is a great brand and sold everywhere)
  6. Take 2 activated charcoal to help with detox. This is what poison control centers use. I always have a bottle around to help with digestion issues resulting in diarrhea or vomiting. AC stops them both. NOTE: AC must be taken 2 hours away from any meds or other supplements as it will “detox” those, too.
  7. Note what you ate a couple of hours before you started to stink
  8. Milk of Magnesia to make the mag water or to use as deodorant

If there are other topics you’d like to know about, let me know in the comments. I’d love to help you live a healthy, vital life! Have an awesome week!!!

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