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supplements are safe @vitalityhealthworks.com @xosallyoh

NEWSFLASH! “No Deaths From Vitamins” (link to article & studies below)

YAY, I knew it: supplements are SAFE! Good thing because we take plenty =/:-)

But… wait… WHAT?!?

If supplements are safe…

…then why is the FDA trying to regulate vitamins & homeopathic remedies because it says they are “dangerous” (even though there’s no proof of harm)?

Why is it a FEDERAL CRIME to share testimony about what supplements have done for family and friends?

supplements are safe @vitalityhealthworks.com @xosallyoh

How about the FDA question this:

❓ Why — when a human dies every 19 min from a pharmaceutical drug — are pharmaceutical companies not required to do LONG-term studies before bringing a drug to market? [cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6101a3.htm]

❓ Why is Purdue Pharma still in business & STILL PROFITING from Oxycontin (after LYING about its addictive qualities) AND profiting from the “antidote” (which is also addictive) Suboxone? Oh, right, they paid a fine. Never mind.

❓ Why is Merck still in business after killing 60,000+ people with Vioxx? Oh, right, they paid a fine. Never mind. [vitalityhealthworks.com/why-we-dont-vaccinate/ Click on Merck]

❓ Why are pharmaceutical companies EXEMPT from ALL liability for vaccines? Yes, EXEMPT from ALL liability. Even though there is overwhelming proof of harm, including the fact that taxpayers have paid out $4B in lawsuits to victims. [nvic.org/injury-compensation/origihanlaw.aspx]

supplements are safe @vitalityhealthworks.com @xosallyoh

❓ Why has the Cosmetics Act “regulating” cosmetic ingredients not been updated since 1938 — 80 years ago — even though a HUGE number of ingredients allowed are NOW KNOWN to be harmful if not dangerous to human health? [how my company handles toxic ingredients (we don’t) arbonne.com/discover/promise/index.shtml]

❓ Why — when #teensuicide is the 2nd leading cause of death & #11vetsaday commit suicide — do we give teens & vets anti-depressants whose KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE SUICIDE??? [A Mind of Your Own: The Truth About Depression… by Dr. Kelly Brogan amzn.to/2XBcgNX]

❓ Why — when hospital & doc error is the 3rd leading cause of death — does anyone trust a drug company or doctor who’s entire education on a medication is supplied by a drug company salesperson? [bit.ly/deathbydoctor]

Riddle me that. I’ll wait. Hahaha, I’ll have to, right?

PS. Go here to save homeopathy remedies from FDA strangulation: homeopathychoice.org/fdacomment/

ARTICLE: orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v15n20.shtml

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