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I recently did a Facebook Live on how to do tapping in 5 easy steps to release your inner Buddha and wanted to share with you all! What follows is the transcript and video.

Yes, you have an inner Buddha, we all do. Here’s the story wonderfully told. Tapping is a way of chipping away at the clay covering our gold.

I discovered tapping when we lived in Costa Rica. I was attending a yoga retreat and fell in love with it. I’ve used and taught it many many times over the years since, and it has never failed to give relief. It is transformational!!!

VIDEO: Tapping in 5 Easy Steps (9:53 min)

Click here to see my video (from a FB live)!


Hi you all, Sally Oh here, Functional health practitioner and tapping enthusiast.

I was listening to a Jack Canfield Q&A on tapping earlier today and he told the story of Thailand’s golden Buddha. It’s 10′ tall and made of gold. When it was first discovered it was covered in clay, so everyone thought they’d found a clay Buddha. Still pretty impressive: a 5.5 ton 10′ tall clay Buddha. At some point, the clay cracked and they discovered the true treasure underneath all that clay!

What if — and this is the Jack’s exact analogy, not mine — what if you could remove self-doubt, negative limiting beliefs and fears, and uncover YOUR inner Buddha, allowing your true divine and creative self to shine through?

I am definitely ALL IN for that!

The fast and simple exercise I’m about to teach you is how you remove literally ALL the weighing-you-down negative clay, and uncover the brilliant loving divine you underneath.

It’s called tapping. The formal name is EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.

It’s a brilliant little exercise created by Gary Craig that takes about 2 minutes to do and releases the negative energy around a problem.

That problem can by physical — like a hurt shoulder or acid reflux — or it can be emotional — like a fight with your spouse or uncontrolled anger or sadness, anxiety, depression.

And it can be used for both acute and chronic situations.

An ACUTE situation would be something that happened fairly recently: so the fight with the spouse just happened or you’ve been crying for a week over an issue.

Or it can be a CHRONIC situation, something that’s been affecting you for years: childhood abuse or a lifelong inability to control anger or a long-term battle with depression.

Tapping works miracles for all of these cases and many more.

Unfortunately, most people don’t believe it can help because it’s so simple.

How simple? Let me show you.

5 Steps of Tapping (EFT)

FIRST: Identify the problem, such as: anxiety, sore shoulder, argument with spouse, anything! Then choose a level of emotion/pain 1-10. Like, anxiety is at a 2, or sore shoulder hurts at an 8.

SECOND: Formulate your “setup statement” as in: “Even though [problem], I deeply and completely accept myself.” For example: “Even though I am having anxiety, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

THIRD: Say setup statement 3 times while tapping the “setup point” which is the outside of your hand, aka the karate chop area.

FOURTH: Now tap points 1-8 while repeating a “reminder phrase” — for example: “this anxiety” or “this sore shoulder”.

Tapping Points:
1. top of head
2. inside eyebrow: where eyebrow begins near nose
3. outside of eye: where bone is
4. under eye: where bone is
5. under nose
6. chin: just below crease, on the cleft
7. collar bone: just under collar bone (chest, right or left side)
8. under arm: where bra strap is or 4” from armpit

FIFTH: Reassess and repeat until the level of emotion/pain is 0, or you’ve stalled. If you’ve stalled, take a break for a few hours, or try the other tapping points in this EFT video with Gary Craig.

That’s it. Seriously simple, right?

I have a one page instructional graphic on tapping in 5 easy steps. If you want a copy, shoot me a message — my email and phone are at the top of every page — and I’ll get it to you!

I use tapping all the time. In fact, I used it last night. The precious GB had not pooped for going on 4 days. In the alternative health field, poop is critically important. You better be pooping, you better be pooping often and your poop better be good quality. I’ll just leave it at that.

Anyway. GB hadn’t pooped for almost 4 days. So I was anxious and could not sleep. I was in bed, laying next to my sleeping husband and the mind was racing. I didn’t want to get up, so I tapped right there and did the talking part in my inside voice. It worked, I fell asleep! It’s never failed me.

You know, If you search “eft testimonials”, you will be overwhelmed by the number and quality of them.

But the biggest promise by far of practicing EFT is uncovering the inner Buddha! You can clear blockages that not only keep you from moving forward but keep unfettered joy at bay. “It releases the chains that keep you bound to a mediocre life.”

No matter what your life situation — and I mean no matter what — we don’t have to be bound by those chains!!!

There’s gold under all that heavy clay, start tapping!

As always, if you have questions about a health situation or would like a product recommendation, shoot me a message. I’m here /=:-) Be sure to let me know if you want the handout!


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