FLU-Y? ME, TOO!!! Actually US, too. We’re all feeling under it! It might be a cold or sinus (change in weather?) but it feels yucky, so we’re going with my cold cure!

Yeah, conventional med says there isn’t a cold cure… that you need to manage symptoms and wait it out, 7-10 days. But we haven’t had a cold last more than 3 days in YEARS. I dunno. Maybe we’re just lucky?

If you wanna get lucky, too — heh — try my simple cold cure go-to!

  • Cold Calm — homeopathic for colds
  • Oscillococcinum — if you suspect flu
  • Calcium Lactate — excellent for the immune system (and bones — I take at least 2 every day) These are purchased from a Standard Process distributor. My distributor is Veronica and you can email her here.
  • 30k Vit D3 — every four hours for a day or two
  • 1400 mg Lipo C — every couple of hours
  • 150 mg Zinc — 30-50 mg every 3-4 hours (the zinc in the picture is not my favorite brand — the link is. The zinc in the pic is what I used to buy, using it up!)
  • Sleep/rest
  • Detox Tea — mixed with a little green if that’s your jam
  • with Local honey if you can get it; if you can’t, we love this honey!
  • Energy Fizz for fun + B vitamins
  • And chicken noodle soup!!! <<< That’s the cure, y’all 🙂

Delicious cold cure: Chicken Noodle Soup

Ingredients — use as much organic as possible so there are no pesticides to interfere with the healing!

Click here to learn how I prepare the chicken and broth for soup!

Salad? Yep!!! We get the big bags of organic Mediterranean salad from Costco and add a couple of cups to a pot of soup. It’s really tasty and pretty!

Mushrooms not required, of course, but if you love shrooms, always good in soup!

If you are NOT a liver fan but would love to add more of this superfood to your diet, cook, then mush in the Cuisinart or blender and add to a big pot of soup. You won’t know it’s in there and you get all the good!

Not doing anything else today! I even put a space heater on this morning to get rid of the chill in my bones. Feeling good, got my fizz and Netflix clicker. I’m set!

Here are the other supplements I take, if you want to compare brands!

What do you use for a cold cure?

Tell me — I’m always looking for new healing ideas!!!

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