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Is nutrition connected to mental health? Answers here!Did Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung ever once mention nutrition and mental health in the same sentence? Or even in the same session? This is HIGHLY doubtful. Aside from Hippocrates, it doesn’t look like many healing professionals gave food’s connection to feeling any consideration at all!

My first inkling that nutrition and mental health were connected was upon discovering GAPS, the groundbreaking work by Dr. Natalie Campbell McBride (her site here).

Dr. McBride used her GAPS diet to heal hundreds of patients from autism, dyspraxia, A.D.D., dyslexia, A.D.H.D., depression, even schizophrenia!

Today, thousands of people have read her GAPS book and taken up the diet with tremendous success.

This was unheard of in Freud and Jung’s time. In fact, most doctors and psychiatrists today argue that what you eat has no bearing on what you feel or how you react emotionally to a life situation.

Really? Have they spent 30 minutes with someone who’s eaten a candy bar? They eat it and feel great! Life, she is good. Then, 20 minutes later, they crash which manifests itself in a number of ways: feeling sleepy, actually falling asleep, crying, yelling, anger… followed by craving more of the crack.

We know food affects how we feel. Most of us don’t realize how powerfully or deeply.

Just as with physical health, poor nutrition is strongly implicated in the development and severity of mental illness. Likewise, proper nutrition plays a prominent role in the prevention and recovery from mental illness, all forms.

If you or someone you love suffers from a mental illness — whether bi-polar, ADHD, depression, anxiety, ADD, autism, schizophrenia, addiction, among others — listen to Julia Rucklidge describe exactly how nutrition and mental health are connected.

Take a look, then share the story — use the icons to your left to share on social media, or copy the url and email to friends. People in pain need to know that what they eat has a powerful bearing on how they feel.

Is nutrition connected to mental health? Answers here!

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