I AM. I’d like to say “I WAS” but if I’m not prepared, I go there again.

Here are a couple of the biggest problems I experience with nighttime eating:

🥑 too full when I go to bed — this actually presents a couple of problems for me.

👉👉 First, trying to sleep on a full stomach is impossible. I can’t get comfortable and simply can’t fall asleep. Back when I had a treadmill, I’d get on that for 20 minutes of brisk walking to help digest the food, THEN lay down again. Without a treadmill, I can be extremely sleepy but can’t fall asleep if I’m too full.

👉👉 Second, I often experience actual heartburn from laying down with a full stomach which means I have to get up, go in the kitchen for a shot of baking soda in water (1/2 tsp in 4 ounces). This cures it but not after a pleasant few minutes belching. Pretty, right?

👉👉 Third, I have what is known as “silent reflux”. As harmful as GERD but you don’t know you have it because you don’t feel a burn, you don’t have easily recognizable symptoms. I found out because of a chronic cough. The symptom I have is a TERRIBLY sour taste in my mouth in the morning. Not like really bad breath but S O U R. When I eat late, I always wake with this!!! When I don’t? I don’t — amazing.

🥑 puffy eyes in the am because my late night food is salty: chips or cashews. Cashews are the healthier choice and I do keep those in the house. Chips are forbidden. They actually call my name. I’m not kidding… If I listen really hard, I can hear them calling from Kroger!!! But since cashews are NOT my favorite, I can eat a few and be happy. I can refrain 99% of the time. I have an “off” switch with cashews, it’s just nice to know they are available.

🥑 I stop losing weight and start gaining. I can afford a night out now and then. I live by the 80/20 rule: 80% 😇, 20% 😈. But if that 20% gets up to 30% which usually starts with nighttime eating… I pay the price.


  1. Do NOT keep the binge foods in the house!!! Do not. If you do, you will eat them. Will power is a myth. Courage is the antidote and courage is learned. You gotta practice it. You can start by throwing away the chips (or ice cream or whatever it is). You won’t die and you can buy more tomorrow. (Then you get to practice courage again 😉) Oh, and throw them away in the big bin outside under the bacon grease and coffee grounds.
  2. Plan a high protein/high fat snack a couple of hours before bed. I make a half protein shake with a couple of egg yolks, MCT oil, Tbsp almond butter, coconut milk, frozen cherries, blend, enjoy. It’s really not that sweet but the chocolate flavor, the protein and fats SATISFY me big time. And I sleep great.

I hope this is helpful. It’s made a huge difference for me not just with maintaining a healthy weight & blood sugar levels but my sleep (and therefore my sanity) have benefitted!

Do you have tips to share? I’d LOVE to share them — thank you!!!

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I’m not a doctor and none of what I present is to be taken as medical advice. It is to share information which I hope you verify. 

Remember to Practice forgiveness, and to plant seeds of love & hope everywhere everyday. The world can use it!

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