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This is a topic that’s been rolling around in my head for the last couple of years. Here’s a little herstory so you can see how I got here. {I’m loving here, y’all.} If you are a health coach or wannabe, I hope this helps you choose the most satisfying career path!

Goal: Health Coach

Back in 2014, I was looking for a career path in the healing world. Real food (as in food that nourishes rather than poisons) and the natural healing arts is my passion. I’ve been in the movement since high school and working in the field off and on since 1982. I started researching health topics in earnest when we moved to Costa Rica in 2006 and never stopped.

It was time to make my living in health CARE.

Sooooo many people I knew and loved were sick, getting sicker and dying from all manner of disease that simply weren’t around when I was a girl 50 years ago.

Fifty years is not that long, folks. Fifty years ago, I knew ONE person who was obese. Cancer and dementia were so rare that we didn’t know anyone who had either. Auto-immune disease was unheard of. Autism? Nobody in my school wore glasses, much less banged their head on the wall or wore diapers to school or screamed obscenities uncontrollably. Nobody’s 2yo was on a psychotropic med and there were zero school shootings.

To say things have changed dramatically in 50 years is an understatement.

I had to find SOMETHING to do that would allow me to help people get WELL. I found FDN, an online certification program to learn the functional medicine approach to healing, and I jumped.

I graduated in early 2016 and went to work. I worked steadily for 2 years.

4 Reasons Why I Stopped Charging for My Time

#1 Finding clients

…who were committed to the idea of improving their health using functional medicine protocols + lifestyle modification was an exercise in frustration. Most of our clients come to us after the conventional medical model has failed them. They knew that model didn’t work… but they were afraid to spend money on the new model: that is, anyone not wearing a white lab coat.

I totally understand this paradox!!! We are brainwashed into trusting doctors as though they are gods and to distrust anyone who is not an MD. Even when we KNOW doctors aren’t gods, that they are NOT educated in natural healing, that they know N O T H I N G about preventative care, or about STAYING healthy once you are.

It’s not rocket science, either. The information is ALL online. You really just need someone to help you separate the wheat from the chaff in all that free advice. THAT is my forté!

#2 The Functional Medicine protocols

… are time consuming and expensive, especially when you are paying for a brand new coach AND a boatload of supplements. I know because I was suffering severe adrenal fatigue when I entered the program. I recovered mostly using a functional medicine protocol and am extremely grateful for it. Even though it was time-consuming and expensive.

And even though I now know a better, more efficient and affordable way to heal adrenal fatigue!

#3 Making Changes

The other piece of the healing puzzle — the critical piece — is making “painful” lifestyle modifications. “Painful” because these are changes the clients usually do not want to make. We like our habits. To their credit, most of my clients were so desperate to feel better, they made the changes.

Again, this resistance is not totally on the client. We live in a magic pill world: take a pill to fix this and that, no need to change anything. “Ask your doctor if [medication] is right for you” has become the norm.

#4 We are Slave to our Habits

Tragically, I found that even clients who succeeded in “curing” their main complaints often fell back into old habits over time which led to their main complaints returning.

Which led them to believe that the functional approach was ineffective. But it’s not a mystery what really happened. If we go back to our old way of eating/living, we’ll go back to our old way of looking/feeling.

Old habits are so comfortable. It requires huge commitment to replace bad habits with good ones. Adulting in this stressful, toxin-filled world is HARD!!! 

I’m not the only one.

As a health coach using the functional medicine model (find and fix health issues at the root), it was incredibly frustrating. I’ve heard this same story from so many other colleagues that I know I’m not alone.

How I Make My Living Today

Like almost every other health coach I know, I was making some money recommending supplements. Once you are unwell, you cannot get well again without intervention and that includes supplements. A great deal of a coach’s time is spent researching supplements that are safe, effective and affordable.

I have a Fullscript store, plus I promote Fibrenza, Megaspore, LugoTabs. I’m an affiliate with a few other companies, like TRS and Amazon. And Arbonne — their entire product line is super clean, certified-everything-good: makeup, skincare, nutrition.

Once I completed Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living elimination diet and started recommending it to clients, I was thrilled (in fact, stunned) to see how well it worked! My clients’ health improved dramatically, they got an education on clean living, and KEEPING them motivated over the long term was simply part of the plan.

I see auto-immune disorders like adrenal and thyroid issues clear up! Clients get off meds — including mental health meds — and stay off them. Lose weight and keep it off. Mood and focus dramatically improves, brain fog disappears.

All the long-term healthy living changes I’d hoped to see with my functional model but did not, I see with Arbonne. No struggle. Paint-by-numbers simple. Affordable. Delicious. And the support my clients get with the network marketing model is outstanding.

You can’t beat success. Clients love the dramatic shift in their health. Most have become repeat customers. I finally dropped the get-paid-by-the-hour coaching model.

Plus I still get to be a coach!

Once clients have completed the 30 Days, we see what’s left of their health complaints. We do this with lab testing and/or history, then I help coach them through their healing journey using the D-DRESS Approach: detox, diet, rest, supplements, stress management.

Frankly, so many see their initial complaints resolve with the dramatic change in diet, we can move right into maintaining this new vitality!

Just like with the functional model, I’m still my clients’ go-to for support, only my time is included in the affordable supplements, whether Arbonne, Amazon, Fullscript or affiliate sales.

Think of me as a full-time customer service rep for every supplement/product I promote.

Helping Others Grow a Business

Plus, as an Arbonne team leader, I get to help others who want to help others. I help people just like me start their own businesses and help make their dreams come true.

It’s been quite a journey over the last few years and I’m grateful for every minute. I couldn’t be happier with what I’m doing today!!!


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