This is Dr. Mary Newport and her husband, Steve. Their wonderful story is inspirational!

Dementia is a scary disease. The world could use a little hope for dementia… here it is!!!

First here’s why it’s so scary: it has been estimated that 1 in 8 people will have some form of dementia by age 65.

1 in 3 by 85. ONE in THREE. What the heck.

There is hope for at least a few forms of the disease as discovered by Dr. Mary Newport when she was researching ways to help her husband, Steve, combat the illness.

What she discovered gives hope to us all — and such a simple treatment: coconut oil! The fatty acids in coconut oil to be specific.

This is her TED talk from a few years ago:

It’s difficult to get a handle on whether or not coconut oil/MCT is good for ALL dementias. I think the type of dementia helped would have to be the type that is caused (or believed to be caused) by insulin resistance of the brain.

Coconut oil’s (and MCT as well — see the article below outlining the differences) benefit is that your liver turns those fatty acids into ketones almost immediately.

Ketones are so beneficial as brain fuel because they don’t require insulin to get into your brain cells. Alzheimer’s and some other dementias are aka Diabetes 3 because it’s believed to be insulin-resistance run amok in the brain.

Here’s the technical talk 🙂

All cells using glucose as fuel require insulin to push that glucose into them so the cells can use it as fuel. If the cells are insulin resistant, the glucose does not get in. No fuel = no memory, no brain power!

Well, ketones don’t require insulin to provide that fuel so even in an insulin-resistant brain, that brain still gets fuel! Perhaps the first fuel that brain has had in quite some time!!!

Following are the links I found informative, that gave me hope for dementia. Please share in the comments what you have found!!!

Different kinds of dementia

This is a 20 min. podcast with Amy Berger, author of The Alzheimer’s Antidote:

This is Amy’s book on Amazon:

MCT oil We use in coffee and/or nighttime decaf tea (blend with a stick blender), can use hot or cold, great in a smoothie: Bulletproof XCT oil (32 oz)

Diff between coconut oil and MCT oil

Here are 3 other Mary Newport interviews — I loved hearing her story!!!

Dr. Newport and Steve (husband) interview

Dr. Newport at 2nd Annual Conference on Nutritional Ketosis (more about 2nd stage since most people knew the story)

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