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Drinking lemon water in the morning?Like health nuts around the world, I like to start my day with lemon water.

In the old days, I’d get out a lemon, cut it in half, get out the big contraption to squeeze it into my glass, usually getting lemon juice squozed all over the place. Then add water and gulp it down.

Then clean up the mess.

And, like all my health nut compadres, I wasn’t exactly sure why. Heaven knows, it wasn’t because it was so delicious. Water with lemon juice is TART.

There are claims about lemon water on a million blogs. Like writers who claimed their grandparents lived to their 90s because they drank lemon water everyday. How do you fact-check that?

Well, I wanna fact-check! When I’m hot on a topic, I follow links to research and look for evidence to support claims. Only there usually aren’t any resources listed on lemon water posts! And, if there are, they point to other blogs making similar claims. Argh.

I felt kinda foolish going through all that mess based on… repetition. So, of course, most of the time I just didn’t do it.

Drinking lemon water in the morning? Try lemon essential oil - far more efficient!!!Then a friend introduced me to essential oils and Lemon EO. Right away, I saw the sense in not having to do the lemon-cutting-squeezing-gulping routine. Bye bye messy expensive lemons, hello affordable lemon essential oil.

I’m not lazy, I’m efficient.

Then, of course, I started researching lemon essential oil. Whoa: lemon essential oil is actually cold-pressed from lemon rinds, not the fruit. And the rind is where you find limonene, the powerhouse of citrus fruits.

Just type “limonene” into your search bar and read a little bit on why anyone would make the switch. See? You want a little limonene in your life!

Drinking lemon water in the morning? Try lemon essential oil - far more efficient!!!Now my glass of morning lemon water is made with a drop of lemon essential oil. Easy, neat, affordable and delicious! In fact, we keep our lemon eo right by the Berkey and we pretty much add it to our water all day long.

Btw, we use Young Living essential oils which are FDA-approved for ingestion. If you want to give them a try, drop me a line — my email and phone number are at the top of every page.

In the meantime, you can read more about Young Living essential oils right here!

FYI, I add a tiny dash of Real Salt to mine. I love the taste and Real Salt has its minerals intact (buy it here).